You always want them to be working just as hard as your fancy sports bras are. Like a good friend would, they need to support you, but they should also motivate you. As in, “ugh, this thing” should never be thought or uttered when putting one on. Instead of hiding your sports bras underneath an old high school tee, let them out to play during that hot yoga class, those sets of reps or on your miles-long jog. You can DIY your old sports bra or snap up a new one to help make your workout routine just a little bit more stylish. Check out these 11 champs below.


1. Adidas Adigirl 3-Stripes Bra ($15): This three-striped bra is made with moisture-wicking technology, which lets those beads of sweat sweep right off. A stylish bra that prevents you from looking sweaty? Sign us up!


2. Alo Trace 2 Bra ($50): Turn any kind of yoga into hot yoga while you’re doing downward dog with this geometric bra. Pair it with matching leggings and stylish, bright sneakers for your post-yoga errands.


3. Outdoor Voices Tetra Athena Crop ($55): This bra is ready for your next killer ab workout routine. With its OV Textured Compression fabric and high neckline, you could easily wear this as a standalone piece with its flirty color block design that is just too cute to hide underneath a zipped-up jacket.

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4. ADAY Smoke it Up Sports Bra ($55): This bra has Sporty Spice written all over it. With its chic, minimalist design, it’s clearly begging to be worn with a cropped athletic jacket and your fave pair of printed leggings that you also just so happen to wear all day, every day (#nojudgement).


5. Blue Life Fit Keyhole Bra ($97): This athletic bra is tiny but mighty and designed to kick some major ass. Made with a moisture-wicking lining and thick black straps, this sports bra is a powerhouse in both design and looks — cheetah print to the gym? Yes please!


6. Forever 21 Medium Impact – Sports Bra ($15): With its yellow criss-cross straps and allover marble print, this athletic piece can clearly do no wrong. Let it peek out from a neon mesh tank at your next sweat session.


7. H&M Sports Bra Medium Support ($13): Working your arms is a bit more bearable when you have a sports bra as perfect as this one. Wear it under a cut-out black tank so the pink criss-cross straps and sea-blue color can peek through to give it that extra wow-factor your gym outfit needs.


8. Lucas Hugh Navy Neva Racerback Crop Top ($245): Make sure your gym outfit stands out from the crowd by wearing this beautiful masterpiece. Let this bra do all the work for you with its paint-stroke design and thin gold detail.


9. Alala in a Snap Bra ($80): When you’re lifting weights and doing curls, this bra will have your back literally and figuratively. The fuchsia color is popping and the open back will let your body cool down faster after a fierce workout routine.


10. Track Smith Run Bra ($55): This sports bra is as traditional as it gets — but that’s still a good thing. It’s best to use when you are running and it’s seamless enough to be worn under any shirt. It really can’t get better than that!


11. Onzie Bustier Sports Bra ($56): When a bra looks this good, it makes total sense to buy more than one, right? Pair it with yellow leggings for some good ol’ contrast fun while you rock the machines on leg day and wear your backup bra on arm day with cutout bottoms.

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