Add some piñata-inspired flair to your next party with these 12 desserts. Going beyond the usual birthday celebrations or Cinco de Mayo fiestas, these DIY piñatas bring a whole lot of fun all year long. You’ll find everything from cake to cookies to, believe it or not, ice cream cones getting the candy-filled treatment here — sounds pretty darn sweet, doesn’t it?


1. Rainbow Surprise Inside Cake: Cut into this Funfetti cake to reveal a tumble of confetti-like candy and sprinkles within. (via Betty Crocker)


2. Piñata Ice Cream Cone Cookies: We love how well store-bought meringues mimic the look of a soft serve swirl. Little hands are well-suited to filling cones with candies, making this a great project to get kiddos involved with. (via Sweet Lulu Blog)


3. Chocolate Piñata Cake: Filled with chocolate-peanut butter Chex mix, this rich cake is ideal for any fans of the delish flavor combo. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to create the gorgeous frosting design — it’s surprisingly easy. (via The Crafting Foodie)


4. Conversation Heart Piñata Cake: Now this is one sweet way to show your Valentine how much you care. (via Hungry Happenings)

5. Fringe Cake: There may not be a candy surprise in the center (something that can be easily remedied), but the fringe gives this cake a traditional piñata feel. (via A Subtle Revelry)


6. Sombrero Piñata Cookies: You’ll need a couple specialty pans to make these cookies, but the colorful creations that result are totally worth it. (via Tablespoon)


7. LEGO Bricks Piñata Cookies: We’re all about the LEGO around these parts, so these edible bricks are definitely getting pinned for our next themed fiesta. (via Haniela’s)


8. Piñata Surprise Cookies: You can easily transform these cookies into any shape you like; simply switch out the cookie cutter depending on the season. (via High Walls)


9. Easter Cake: There’s enough room in the middle of this egg-shaped cake to hide a full-sized chocolate bunny plus candy inside. (via Zucker, Zimt und Sterne )


10. Happy Birthday, Amigo Cake: With colorful bunting on top and fondant frills down below, this sky-high cake certainly knows how to rock two distinct looks in one cohesive way. (via Sweet Tiers)


11. Surprise on the Inside Gender Reveal Cake: What a great way to share the big boy (or girl) news at your baby shower. (via Betty Crocker)


12. Piñata Meringues: These hollowed-out and filled meringues have us thinking about what other desserts we can sneak a little extra fun into… (via A Subtle Revelry)

Which of these desserts would you like to take a bat fork to? Share with us in the comments!