As Julia Childs, great chef and all-around awesome human, once said, “A party without a cake is just a meeting.” (And let’s be real, most meetings could use a little cake too.) But why serve a plain old (delicious) cake when you can match it to your decor with a pretty cake topper? We’ve rounded up 20 DIYs from around the web to help you take your cake to the next level for all your parties… and meetings ;)

1. Glitter Hearts: We’re loving the different sized hearts and, of course, all the glitter on this easy and beautiful cake topper. (via The Paper Pony)

2. Fringed Letters: This is a totally fun addition to any cake and adds a fun pop of color when you’re keeping your cake colors pretty basic. Yay! (via Oh No Rachio!)

3. Kite: Um, how perfect is this for a summer party? The kite tails hang free so you can actually watch them blow in the wind if you serve this cake outside. (via Oh Happy Day)

4. Gilded Animals: Gold animals are kind of our jam. We’re loving this take on adding them to your event decor via your cake! Perfect for a party animal themed party, right? (via One Young Love)

5. Bride + Groom: Make your wedding cake toppers out of… paper!? Seems kinda crazy, but these fun and customized toppers might have just convinced us. (via Project Wedding)

6. Candy Necklace: This might be our favorite of the bunch. Because, seriously, how great are candy necklaces? This nostalgic throwback is somehow insanely pretty and understated. Plus you can wear a candy necklace to match your cake :) (via Best Friends for Frosting)

7. Washi Tape Bunting: Washi tape is one of our favorite go-to crafting materials and it’s insanely easy to turn into bunting. Just grab some rolls that match your party colors and go to town. (via Brit + Co.)

8. Balloons: Turn water balloons into a super festive cake topper! We won’t judge if you use the leftovers for a surprise water balloon fight if it’s a warm day. (via The Crafts Dept.)

9. Pipe Cleaners: The quirky vibe and easy customization of these cake toppers makes them perfect for a last-minute event. (via Say Yes to Hoboken)

10. Seashell Bunting: We’re dreaming of white sand beaches and tropical cocktails thanks to this simple and pretty bunting project. (via Something Turquoise)

11. Feathers: Why should your wardrobe get all the boho love? Rock your fashionista side on your cake with this feather bunting. (via Kelli Murray)

12. Paper Flower Monogram: Monograms are always a good choice and this topper is no exception. The paper flowers look chic and elegant and this is a great choice for either a birthday or a wedding. (via Design Sponge)

13. Glitter Initial Bunting: This just makes us want to party. Glitter, bright colors, and the simple tutorial make this a must no matter what kind of shindig you’re having. (via This Little Street)

14. Non-traditional Bunting: Bunting is a pretty classic choice for a cake topper but this non-traditional take adds a slight twist and it looks awesome! (via Sugar & Cloth)

15. Teacup: Get your vintage on with this pretty teacup topper to add a slightly rustic vibe to your celebration. (via Ruffled)

16. Marshmallow Numbers: These are basically a more awesome (and delicious) version of those number candles that people put on birthday cakes. What’s extra cool about these is that you can make them in the shape of any cookie cutter you have, so you can definitely get creative. Plus the marshmallows themselves are filled with confetti, which is just amazing. (via Studio DIY)

17. Handpainted Bride + Groom: This DIY take on the traditional Bride and Groom cake topper is adorable and allows you to customize your cake however you want. Bride in a fun cocktail dress and groom in a T-shirt? Why not? (via Crafts Unleashed)


18. Rainbow Rock Candy: This is awesome! The rainbow effect is so cool and it’s as easy as sticking rock candy into your cake. Oh, and you can eat it once you’re done showing it off. Yum! (via Studio DIY)

19. Glitter Monogram: Add a touch of glitz to your wedding decor by adding your initials to the cake… in glitter form! (via Ruffled)

20. My Love: Declare your love before the world with this simple topper. We’re loving the addition of bunting around the whole cake as well — why should the top get all the love? (via 100 Layer Cake)

Any great DIY cake toppers we missed? How do you coordinate your cake with your decor? Let us know in the comments below.