When you log onto our site and when you step into our offices, you’re bound to notice something: Brit + Co loves us some LEGO. The office part is an obvious one (there’s a giant LEGO sculpture that spells out BRIT + CO looming above my head as I type, kinda hard to miss ;) and when it comes to the site, we’re just always on the brick building beat.

The latest LEGO creation we clicked across is here just in time for lunch for us West Coasters and dessert for you East Coasters: edible LEGOs that you can actually build with. Genius and delicious. Oh, and did we mention that they’re CHOCOLATE? Yeah, we told you this was up our alley. (Our = the collective world, right?)

These chocolate blocks are the creation of Japanese illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi, and we have to believe that they taste almost as good as they look.

How long do you think you can build with these before they a) melt or b) you just eat them?

If only these were 3D printed — wait. Excuse us while we head out for lunch to brainstorm a way to make MORE of our worlds combine.

What is the most amazing LEGO masterpiece you’ve ever seen, clicked on or built yourself? What’s the craziest chocolatiest creation your kitchen has ever cooked up? Share below!

(Photos via Akihiro Mizuuchi + sparebutton.jp)