Almost one year after the release of Pitch Perfect 3, the cast of the movie reunited at husband-and-wife Skylar Astin and Anna Camp’s joint birthday party, where some of the Bellas took a photo that has fans thinking a fourth installment of the franchise could be on the way.

On Sunday, September 30, Rebel Wilson posted a picture to social media with costars Camp, Brittany Snow, and Chrissie Fit, in which all of the girls are holding up four fingers. Wilson also captioned the photo with four heart emojis.

Each of the Bellas reposted the snap with captions featuring four emojis, except for Snow, who cheekily wrote, “Four thumbs down.”

Fans were quick to reply to Wilson’s original photo both on Instagram and on Twitter, asking excitedly, “DOES THIS MEAN WHAT I THINK IT MEANS??”

Of course, the number four could simply represent the number of girls present in the photo. But that didn’t stop fans from looking for “clues,” such as Snow having the same red hair color as her character in the film, Chloe Beale.

The first Pitch Perfect was released in 2012, followed by a sequel in 2015, and a third in 2017. When we last saw the Bellas in part three, they were struggling to get their lives together after college and traveling to Europe to go head to head with some new — and fierce — talent in the in the USO competition. If a fourth installment does happen, it’ll be interesting to see what the girls do next.

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(photo via Universal Studios)