We love finding workout clothes that you can wear before, during and after the gym, and this debut fashion startup is seriously bringing it with a new line of high-performance clothing that we鈥檙e flipping over. Pivotte鈥檚 looks will take you from your morning bike commute to the office and then right to dinner and drinks afterward, making them your closet and your wallet鈥檚 new BFF.


Founders and designers Evelyn Frison and Yehua Yang used super high-tech materials that come with water, stain, wrinkle and odor resistance, in addition to having moisture-wicking capabilities. Also, the fabrics are super comfortable and durable. But what really makes these clothes different than your favorite pair of yoga pants is the fit.


They鈥檝e tailored all of the pieces for unrestricted movement, and the result isn鈥檛 something that looks too fitness-y. They鈥檝e put extra attention into the details of every stitch and seam, so you鈥檒l be free of the awkward bunching, sagging and riding that can make even the slightest movements uncomfortable.


Pivotte is raising money on Kickstarter to launch their first line, complete with an adorable jacket, cardigan, dresses and tanks. We love that these looks can easily be dressed up or down, and that they鈥檙e all very versatile, flattering fits.

If you want to support their Kickstarter, a pledge of $65 will get you one of their tanks. They鈥檝e already reached their fundraising goal, so this project could be hitting store shelves before you know it.

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