No one likes commuting in the rain, least of all bikers. When the rain comes, it usually means a bright yellow poncho, a change of clothes in a plastic bag and all around wetness. Until now.

Senz is the latest in biker rain gear that will finally let you look cute and bike in the rain, no plastic slicker required. The canopy system supports an umbrella that can withstand winds up to 60 mph, (though you probably shouldn’t be riding around in that kind of weather).

The unusual wedge shape prevents the umbrella from turning into the infamous inside-out mess. It attaches to the handlebars, providing a perfectly angled roof over your head, freeing your hands and keeping your view clear.

While Senz isn’t cheap (it’s about $130 for the umbrella and base), it is a great way to escape a drizzly commute with nothing more than a few water stains on the bottom of your pants, rather than an entirely soaked #OOTD.

What do you think of this bike-friendly umbrella? Would it change your commute or make you more likely to bike in the rain? Tell us in the comments below!