Tattoos. Tats. Ink. Whatever you want to call them, we love 鈥檈m in all forms. From minimalist聽to floral to galaxy-inspired, these masterpieces have us ready to book our next (or first!) appointment at the local parlor. That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e introducing this new series: #TattooerCrush Spotlight. To kick things off, we鈥檙e focusing on Moscow-based artist Lesha Lauz (AKA Alexey), who puts beauty in the imperfections with what he calls his 鈥淧ixel + Glitch鈥 style. And while his tattoos might be a little 鈥済litchy,鈥 these pixelated works of art remind us of the time when聽non-HD, low-res Nintendo games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong were all that. You can even check out聽how to create this style with his painting tutorial on COPIC.

But first, tattoos!


1.聽Russian Dolls: Alexey has the Matreshka dolls down to a pretty + glitchy tee. We are loving the fade effect here.


2.聽Unicorn: We wouldn鈥檛 mind having this majestic pastel creature on our backs. It鈥檒l surely to bring magic wherever it goes.


3.聽Fox: Alexey is also known to whip out a few watercolor masterpieces. This foxy sleeve is a real beaut.


4.聽Lion King: Simba in pixel form? This makes us want to hakuna matata all the way to our local parlor.


5.聽Hedgehog: This adorable little hedgehog is too cute for words, but not for pixels.


6.聽Cityscape: This Prague cityscape has us dreaming of wandering through cobblestone streets and getting lost in the 鈥淐ity of a Hundred Spires.鈥


7.聽Galactic Seahorse: Apparently聽galaxy seahorse tats are a thing, and we are NOT mad about it.


8.聽Plane: A pixelated plane tat like this would be perfect for the world traveler.


9.聽TARDIS: Any聽Dr. Who fans out there? You too can let the TARDIS disappear to another time right on your very own arm.


10.聽Heron: This mighty sea bird is definitely meant to be in pixel form.


11.聽Dragon: Drogo, is that you? We think Khaleesi would definitely approve of this tattoo.


12.聽Fish: We鈥檙e glitchin鈥 out over this gorgeous shoulder tat.


13.聽Jellyfish: Psychedelic jellyfish FTW. This is a collab with another super talented, Moscow-based artist, Anton YellowDog.


14.聽Poppy: Pretty. Pixelated. Poppies. Now go ahead and say that five times fast.


15.聽Dog: Puppy power! This sweet tat is a great聽way to聽show love for your furry BFF.

Which pixel tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @leshalauz)