Don’t let those tattoos fool you. While they may receive a rep for being all tough and edgy, that doesn’t mean they can’t err on the dainty and elegant side too. Case in point: Floral tattoos that are all about taking flower power to the next level. Be it a micro tat or one that involves a little more artwork, these 11 floral tattoos will serve as visual inspiration the next time you get inked.


1. Watercolor Poppy: We are totally swooning over these pretty poppies and their whimsical watercolor style. (via @botanicaltattoos)


2. Pretty Pansies: Fans of Rifle Paper Co.’s botanical designs will become giddy at the sight of these pansies. If their temporary tats have you feeling jaded, then it just may be time to make things official. (via @sashaunisex)


3. Bouquet of Flowers: The intricate details! The color! If you can’t decide on one flower, get a tattoo representing an entire bouquet of blooms. (via @laurenwinzer)


4. Cherry Blossom: While you’re at it, you might as well throw some pretty butterflies into the mix. Talk about major arm candy. (via @chelsietattoo)


5. Floral Ankle Tattoo: Now this tattoo is anything but boring. Those of us who are minimalist enthusiasts at heart will appreciate its serene + quiet simplicity. Remember, less = more. (via @doodle.popo)


6. Cool Lotus: Cheers to new beginnings with an artsy lotus tattoo that even the guys will be down for. (via @hectordanielsnyc)


7. Violet Flower Tattoo: Instead of an entire sleeve of tattoos, sometimes one really, really standout floral design will do. If you have a favorite flower, then this would be the ultimate show of adoration. (via @tattooist_doy)


8. Micro Rose Tattoo: Yasss! This just may be the tiniest (and prettiest) rose tattoo that we ever did see. Both its diminutive size and ankle location are perfect for us gals who want to get inked, but want to keep it hidden away sometimes. (via @tattrx)


9. Lotus Tattoo: This lotus flower tattoo is quite literally a work of art that will last the test of time. There’s nothing cliche or overdone about this design, that’s for sure. (via @tattooist_doy)


10. Mini Flower Tattoo: For the most whimsical at heart, these tiny flowers remind us of something out of a fairytale. Just add stars and pixie dust for good measure. (via @popo_tattoo)


11. Single Flower: We’re loving the minimalist simplicity and perfect placement of this flower tat. Though it may be subtle, it speaks volumes. (via @tattooist_doy)

Do you have a floral tattoo? Share it with us in the comments below!