Simple straight lines, geometric shapes and a few nature-inspired designs are like a breath of fresh air in the typically bold world of tattoos. Even if you are not usually the type who likes tattoos, these are so delicate and discreet that the fear of commitment disappears. From constellations of stars camouflaged among freckles to single lines around the wrist boosting your bracelet arm party, these 20 minimalist tattoos seamlessly blend in without ever looking tacky.


1. Feminine Shapes: Teeny tiny color blocking? Yes, please! If you’re hesitating to get a tattoo because of the pain factor, rest easy knowing that these little triangles will give you a lot of style for a minimum amount of discomfort. (via Design Taxi)


2. Mountain Wild: If your spirit is craving the wild-and-free life, a minimal mountain range is a pretty way to show off your love of nature. (via Tattoologist)


3. Written in the Stars: Tattoo artist Miso only does tattoos for friends on a trade system. For example, this elegant Orion’s Belt constellation was created for her friend in exchange for a cooking lesson. The delicate stars mimic freckles along the ribs in a beautiful way. (via Miso)


4. Diamonds: Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friend, and this little gem just further proves the point. (via Design of Tattoo)


5. Dot Dot Dot: The tiny dotted lines of this bow make it almost look like it was stitched onto the wrist. If bows aren’t your thing, you could incorporate the dot idea into all kinds of shapes and designs for a more feminine feeling. (via Seoneon Tattoo)


6. BFF Love: Or significant other love? Maybe they are the strong solid one and you are the optimistic dreamer? Whatever the story behind your matching tattoos, a simple geometric shape will never go out of style. (via @ingenvity)


7. Love You Forever: Really show that you mean “forever” with a wedding ring tattoo. A simple line is an elegant knuckle option that you can pair with some more traditional sparkle if you’re so inclined. (via Tattoodo)


8. Quote Me: Maybe you’re a lover of great books or your whole life feels like the plot of a twisty novel. However these little quotation marks make you feel, the simplicity of the style means you can write your own story between the lines. (via Tott Photo)


9. Geo Friendship: Friendship bracelets come and go with the season, but matching tattoos really show you’re BFs for life. Each of you can put your favorite color as an accent shade or leave them simply black and white. (via Seoeonmo)


10. Tiny Sprigs: Instead of getting a whole bouquet of brightly colored blooms on your shoulder, try a tiny sprig of lavender or another favorite flower — it will look good forever. (via DeMilked)


11. Modern Gems: This one is part diamond, part modern piece of art, with a single black line that makes its way all the way down the inner arm. The design is simple, but the end result is definitely dramatic. (via Mirja Fenris Tattoo)


12. Crossed Branches: You may not be able to admire a tattoo on the back of your arm, but everyone you pass on the street will appreciate your stylish taste in ink. (via Hand Poked)

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13. Lines and Lines: Whether you go very thin or play with different thicknesses, a stack of black lines is a fun way to accent your arms. (via Blu)


14. Arm Party: Boost your arm party game with a single line tattoo that looks amazing even when all the bracelets have come off. Instead of a single straight line, the dip makes this tattoo just a little extra special. (via LTW Tattoo Studio)


15. Offset Birds: Minimal and modern, the outlines of these two little birds are a lovely way to represent you and a loved one or your two kids… or maybe you just want to put a bird (or two!) on it ;) (via Lionel Fahy Out of Step)


16. Pyramids: For those of you who aren’t quite ready for permanent ink, these temporary tats remind us of a more geometric version of yin and yang. Keep your energies in balance with a tiny triangle on each wrist — one all black and one an open line. (via Etsy)


17. Solar Eclipse: Simple, but with a big astronomical punch, this magical tattoo lets your skin do all the talking. (via Miso)


18. Wrist Shapes: If you think triangles have been done to death, maybe this design will change your mind. Overlap several geometric shapes and then add a couple little dots for extra personalization. (via @bicemsinik)


19. Nape Arrows: The base of the neck is an ideal place to get a tattoo if you want to be able to hide it at certain times. But once you pull your hair up, these powerful little arrows embody your inner warrior. (via @little.tattoos)


20. Ruled Lines: Do these blue and red lines remind anyone else of lined paper from school? Pick any colors you want and you’ll always have the perfectly styled accessory right there on your wrist. (via FFFFound!)

What’s your favorite minimalist tattoo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!