Picture your dinner plate. Now imagine your potato salad touching your chicken or your tacos leaning up against your refried beans. Freaking you out yet? We hear ya. Most of us put our salad in a separate bowl because if dressing mixes with pasta sauce, it’s a major problem. So it’s safe to say that there are a lot of people in this world who don’t like their food to touch, roll or spill together. Plate Pals is your solution to keeping it separated.

Inventor Michael Cameneti came up with Plate Pals to help finicky eaters of all ages. The colorful, plastic set of three are your plate’s new best friends. Just clip on a pal, and you’ve essentially created a mini plate for each item on your dinner plate. The larger blue clip provides an elevated surface, the yellow clip is meant for condiments and sauces, while the pink one was designed to stop rolling. (Hello, corn on the cob.)

While these dishwasher-safe (and easy to use) saviors are not yet in stores, you can head on over to Quirky and help the maker figure out pricing for the set.

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