While most of the country brushes off the Pacific Northwest as a rainy, overcast and dismal place to live, not even gray skies can dampen the beauty of the lush green forests, sweeping ocean views and rugged mountains. The region is chock-full of natural inspiration for decor, art and all things stylish. Whether you’re a fan of the great outdoors or a lover of dark walls and rustic chic spaces, the 12 PNW-inspired spaces below are the perfect place to look for some fresh decor inspiration.


1. Forest Green + Copper Kitchen: That dark shade of green totally works in this kitchen thanks to the high gloss factor of the tile backsplash. You also can’t go wrong with copper accents. This space is winning in so many ways. (via The Jungalow)

2. Northern Star: If painting your room Seattle gray isn’t the route for you, go the more temporary route by switching up your bedding with PNW-inspired patterns. And no, flannel isn’t your only option. This North Star Blanket ($249) from Pendleton is a great find for your bedroom. (via Pendleton)


3. Oversized Nature Art: No forest outside your window? Fake it with a really big piece of wall art or even a removable wall mural. (via Lay Baby Lay)


4. Forest Vibes: Embrace that green energy those PNWers rave about with a dark green velvet couch and a ton of house plants. You definitely don’t have to get all dark and moody when going full PNW — think vibrant and cheery natural colors. (via Domino)


5. Modern Rustic: You don’t have to be a thrift-shop junkie to incorporate a little Macklemore (a Seattle native) into your decor. Instead of a bear coat, rock a faux fur throw and eclectic art finds for a rustic-chic look. (via Lonny)


6. Coastal Blues: It’s raining, it’s pouring… but you can put your umbrella away, because these are the right kind of blues to have. If you love the Oregon coast, watercolor art and blue throw pillows totally nail those rainy day feels. (via Domino)


7. Accented Bedroom: It takes a lot of courage to paint your bedroom a dark color like (*gasp*) black, but all you need is one accent wall to really make a statement. Avoid a cave scenario by incorporating sheer curtains, white bedding and warm wood textures. (via LWG)


8. Texture Play: Outdoor fanatics and fitness fiends love getting out on the trails and exploring the rugged coastlines and mossy forests of the Pacific Northwest. Incorporate that love of the outdoors into your home with unfinished wood side tables, organic patterns and, if it’s still not perfect, you can always put a bird on it ;) (via Fancy)


9. Touch of Boho: Bohemian accents like a pouf, woven wall hangings and tribal patterns work together perfectly with shades of gray, navy and brown. The PNW is famous for its friendly people and innovative creatives, so it’s only natural that their chosen home decor is comfortable first and foremost. (via Design Sponge)


10. Gallery Wall Drama: By mixing the old and the new, you can create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. There’s no denying the PNW is famous for its gray days, but walls of cheery art and colorful textured rugs easily combat the dreary drizzle. (via Front + Main)


11. Velvety Blue: Balance out a strong wall color with light and airy accessories like a macrame wall hanging and a string pendant light. Dark colors are a great way to marry his-and-hers style if you’re trying to figure out how to make both of your tastes work together. (via Rue Mag)


12. Natural Views: When you live somewhere as lush and beautiful as the PNW, you want your home to blend in with the surroundings, not compete with it. Even if you don’t live in a forest, you can fake it by bringing in natural textures like wood, leather, rattan and, of course, lots and lots of house plants. (via House Beautiful)

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