A colorful statement wall is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to completely change the look of a room without having to overhaul your home decor. Depending on how ambitious you鈥檙e feeling, you can paint your own mural or purchase an incredible full wall design. Some sites even let you upload an image of your space, so you can see exactly what a mural will look like there 鈥 pretty cool! You can go with something abstract and painterly, a graphic decal or pick one of your favorite photos to enlarge. Check out these 48 incredible wall makeovers and get ready for some bold inspiration.

1. Faceted Wall Decal ($139): Add some colorful bling to your room with this giant gem. These聽removable wall decals are fabric based and can be reused many times without leaving residue or damaging marks on your walls.

2. Triangle Graphics: Inspired by an expensive wallpaper, this blogger decided to do her own triangle wall. Amazing! If you have the time and patience, the outcome is well worth the effort. (via Mom Filter)

3. Paint By Numbers: Remember those paint-by-numbers projects we did as kids? Well, increase that project by 500% and you have an incredible wall mural or headboard canvas on your hands. (via Refinery 29)

4. Watercolor Mural ($51): Looking like the wash of a painter鈥檚 brush, this lovely mural is a unique take on the ombre trend.

5. Snow Leopard DIY: If you鈥檙e craving a big change for a small price, this simple and inexpensive project will really add some wow factor to your room. (via The Band Wife)

6. Washi Tape Polka Dots: All it takes is a couple rolls of your favorite colored washi tape to make this funfetti wall. (via Fellow Fellow)

7. Zig Zag Lines DIY: This geometric painting was done on a canvas, but you could just as easily paint it on the whole wall to make an even bigger statement. (via The New Domestic)

8. Reading Wall: Raid a thrift store for some old books and go to town papering the wall with the pages for a romantic, shabby chic look. (via Poppytalk)

9. Honeycomb Wall Treatment: Ready for an incredible weekend project? This honeycomb wall takes some commitment, but the end result is jaw-dropping. Just think of all the color options you could try. (via Vintage Revivals)

10. Cut Out Cork board: Cut some cork board into any fun shape to create a design that鈥檚 perfect for a creative workspace. (via Vintage Revivals)

11. Ombre Starburst: For about $15 and an hour of your time, you can perk up any corner of the room with a bright ombre starburst. (via The Projectory)

12. Watercolor Washes聽($332): Available in blue and green, this self adhesive wallpaper allows for glue-free application and easy removal or repositioning.

13.聽Custom Map Mural ($65 and up): These maps are completely customizable to display the city plan of whichever area you love most.

14. Designer Murals ($44 and up): Photowall carries incredible murals that combine brilliant colors with captivating patterns and complex designs.

15. Handwriting Statement Wall: Grab a ruler and start writing for this beautifully intimate statement wall. With a loving message and soft colors, we totally see this working in a nursery or kid鈥檚 room. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Maker鈥檚 Mural ($99): Hang this graphic mural in your workspace to be continually inspired by the words of Willy Wonka.

17. Paneled Floral Mural ($129): How fun are the colors in the vivid, floral mural?

18. Skyline Headboard: Love minimalist decor but still want to add a personal touch? Get crafty with a simple, black skyline made from washi or electrical tape. (via Passion for Decor)

19. Thick Line Mural: Bold geometric lines give this breakfast nook a funky, abstract look. (via Leclair Decor)

20. Lavender Slabs: You know we can鈥檛 resist some color blocking, and we are loving the subtle shades of purple in this dramatic office (via Sulia)

21. Eyes On The Horizon: The simplicity of this scalloped line creates a sweet, romantic feel in this beachy room. (via Weekday Carnival)

22. Floating Shapes: By painting shapes seamlessly from the wall to the door, this little space feels a lot bigger than it is. (via Lady)

23. Emerald Chevron: If stripes are too cliche for you, how about a giant, bright聽chevron wall? (via The Uncommon Law)

24. Half-Finished: Not for the faint of heart, this creative wall mural appears to be the remnants of a paint sampling, but manages to still look effortlessly charming. (via Nordic Design)

25. 3D Dimensions: Tangrams, anyone? These wood pieces give a fun look to this orange and white color blocked statement wall. (via Vintage Revivals)

26. Wooden Fence Mural ($99): The intricate detailing of this illustrated mural will make you feel like you鈥檙e living in a fairytale.

27. Indigo Poppies ($108): If you鈥檙e serious about a statement wall, check out this bold and graphic watercolor flower mural.

28. Color Puddle ($50): If you鈥檙e tired of all things mechanical, this water-stained mural will give you a satisfying sense of organic movement.

29. Corner Space ($50): This simple graphic almost looks three-dimensional, like it鈥檚 coming off the wall right at you!

30. Ice Cream Pastels ($369): Nothing says summer like a pistachio green and light pink color palette. The awesome thing about these removable decals is that they allow you to change up your statement wall every season (score!).

31. Audio Tape Mural聽(Prices vary depending on size): Bring back the 鈥90s with a retro cassette tape mural in a classy, radiant orchid shade.

32. Gray Paint Box ($41 and up): Light and airy, this gray watercolor grid brings an aura of spa-like bliss. If you love the look of this and want to try painting your own, check out the DIY at Wit and Whistle!

33. Mondrian Wall DIY: Pull out your ruler and create some modern, cubist art. (via Dream A Little Bigger)

34. DIY Cross Stitch Floral: So charming and romantic! We are completely inspired by this pixelated flower. (via Mrs. Ferguson)

35. Vintage Floral Mural DIY: If you鈥檙e renting and can鈥檛 paint the walls, drown that drab white with a burst of color in a printed mural. (via Mini Penny)

36. Pizza Box Stencil Wall: Get creative with stenciling to make this awesome pattern from a pizza box. (via Houzz)

37. Modern Vibrance: Now that鈥檚 an accent wall! We love the details on this tiny bit of wall between the windows. (via Houzz)

38. Antique Arches ($495): You鈥檒l feel like you鈥檙e living in a manor with this incredibly realistic architectural mural.

39. Birch Forest ($60): Get lost in a magical forest of modern monochrome with this chic design.

40. Double Exposed Deer ($256): The deer is a symbol of grace and gentleness, so putting this mural on your wall is sure to bring some good vibes into your home.

41. Mosaic Wall Decals: This definitely reminds us of the walls at our Brit + Co office. The kids can even help you create this masterpiece. (via Znak)

42. Stenciled Quote: This is an adorable idea for a kid鈥檚 room or playroom. Hand paint the words or use stencils to get it just right. (via Woonideeen)

43. Inspirational Workspace: What a brilliant idea! Surround your desk with positive thoughts and pretty handwriting to keep you inspired during those inevitable, brain-dead moments. (via My Attic)

44. Chalkboard Wall: Having trouble deciding what you want to paint? Chalkboard paint to the rescue! You can doodle a new design for every change in your mood. (via Inspired By This)

45. Green Apples ($120 and up): This Scandinavian wallpaper is elegant, graphic and very original. You could cover a whole wall with it, or use it as decorative panels.

46. Colorful Swirls: Kids will never judge you for your inability to paint a straight line, so embrace your shaky skills and paint a squiggly mural that鈥檚 full of character and color. (via Homeizy)

47. Hand Drawn Flowers: Grab some Sharpies, release your inner Monet and have fun drawing some summer blossoms. (via Wall + Deco)

48. Stick It Up ($218):聽We are in love with this magnetic bunny wallpaper! Not only does it look downright adorbs, but you can use it as a magnetic pinboard, too.

What will you be featuring on your next statement wall? Which of these murals is getting you inspired to transform a space? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.聽