It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with brights and whites for our interior design inspiration. When it comes to decorating, our motto is: The more color, the better. But lately, we’ve been reconsidering our stance. After all, we have no trouble slipping on our little black dresses, so why not put a little black paint on our walls? These 20 stylish dark walls have us reacquainting ourselves with the dark side.

1. Color Pop: Put a dark color on the wall as your base and no matter what color you put against it, it’s going to make a bright statement. (via Ikea Family Magazine)

2. Texture Pop: Deep hues will also bring out the textures you include in the room, from grainy wood to shiny copper to matte leather. (via House and Garden)

3. Color Scale: Make those bright bed linens contrast against a shadowy shade. We approve of that navy blue. (via Apartment Therapy)

4. Small Spaces: Truth: Painting a small space a dark color will make the space look larger. It’s backwards, we know. (via All’s Fair in Love and Design)

5. Bright Surfaces: An overcast wall frees up your other surfaces, like your ceiling and your floor, to be bright and bold. (via The Design Files)

6. Kid’s Rooms: Take your child’s room from toddler-trendy to big-kid-beautiful with a dark hue. It’s definitely something they can grow into. (via All For The Boys)

7. In the Kitchen: The kitchen is a great place go dark because your cabinets and appliances will lighten things up. Not to mention it will show off your beautiful dishes if you have open shelving. (via The Glamourai)

8. Gallery Wall: Put those frames on a dusky wall for an instant boom! (via Britta Nickle)

9. Colorful Fabrics: Since dark hues make colors pop so much, feel free to go crazy with your curtains, pillows and all other living fabrics. (via Dear Designer)

10. Eclectic Look: Hesitant to give up your beige? Try a smokey brown wall that will mix with your other brown hues and create an eclectic look. (via Home Adore)

11. Chalkboard Wall: Chalkboard paint is a great way to get a dark wall that you can customize to be as light as you want. Just fill it with words and pictures. (via The MomTog Diaries)

12. Natural Light: If you were wondering which room to paint, choose the one with the most natural light. It’s always a winner. (via The Glitter Guide)

13. Teenager Trendy: A teenager’s room is bound to be plentiful in patterns. Unify the look with dark walls in a matching shade. (via Design Gratis)

14. Softer Hues: Black and blue aren’t the only dark colors out there. Try a deep brown for a softer look that carries just as much impact. (via Beautiful Object)

15. Kitchen Display: Dishes aren’t the only thing to be displayed in your kitchen. Put your pots and pans in front of a shady wall and they’ll shine like new. (via The Design Files)

16. Animal Print: While it’s a fact that animal print goes with pretty much everything, it especially goes with dark walls. That’s chic right there. (via Design Crisis)

17. Deep Colors: We dare you to take one of the colors in your home and repaint with the jewel tone of the same color. Even if it’s pink. (via Home Adore)

18. Mirrors: Mirror, mirror on the wall, what color is the fairest one of all? Anything dark that will make your reflection pop. (via Lesley W Graham)

19. Bathroom Blacks: Black bathrooms are definitely on the rise, and we can see why. Check out how clean that sink looks against the inky wall. (via Design Sponge)

20. Accent Wall: If dark walls still make you nervous, why not paint one or two walls a dark color as an accent in a room? (via Apartment Therapy)

What’s your opinion on dark walls? Do you have any in your home? We want to hear about it below!