As city dwellers, we’re always on the hunt for pieces of furniture or storage ideas that make the most of the small spaces we live in. From fold-up Murphy beds to convertible furniture, we’re all over the small space department. Heck, we’ve even rounded up 22 wall-mounted desks you can buy or DIY! But this latest find is sleek, clever, and recognizes our addiction to gadgets. Presenting Podpad, one wall-mounted place to get your connected self organized.

We’ll tell you right now, Podpad is, at this point, an investment piece. At $1,200 a pop it’s not something you’re going to add to your Amazon shopping cart anytime soon.

Described as “an artful, modern workspace,” Podpad is a beautiful exercise in good, functional design. Once mounted, Podpad’s profile is a mere 4 1/2 inches, which makes you think it’s just your typical fold-out desk. But that’s where you’re wrong. Its shadowbox highlights your iPhone or iPod dock and connects it to an integrated audio system. The desk itself has space to house a wireless sound bar (they recommend the Samsung HW-E450), so even when you’re phone is not in the Podpad, you can use it as a speaker.

Once you open the desk, you’ve got laptop storage, space for papers, and, the best part, a charging station for all your electronic gear. All those pesky cords can be contained in one well-organized place.

One thing we love about this piece is that you can open parts of it separately. You can just fold out the desk part if you need to some quick computing. Or open up all the doors and you’ve got a full-on command center. And however you play it, your apartment is instantly less cluttered and more beautiful. Pretty tough to beat.

Each Podpad is designed and handcrafted at Ruphus, a product-design studio in Portland, Oregon.

Do you live in a small apartment or home? What types of hacks or clever furniture finds have helped you make the most of your space? Talk to us in the comments below.