By now your screens are probably filled to the brim with Halloween *everything*. If you are looking to really up your costume game and stand out this year, we suggest trying a pop art makeup look. While it might seem intimidating, we here at B+ C are committed to taking a big idea and breaking it down so even the most basic-skilled gals can still get into these super desired trends. I rocked this makeup look last year when showing how you can make a series of looks using different wigs, and everyone wanted to know how to do it. So… here it is! Eight super easy and user-friendly steps to getting into character.




This look can be achieved by using the Ben Nye Cream Pods in combination with products you already own. Use a fine-pointed brush and the back of your hand as your paint palette.

  1. Prep: Flawless Face With Heavy Blush


    Follow this tutorial here to get your base makeup in order. Be sure to go a little heavier on your blush since it is going to need to show up through all the dots you will be adding later on. I used Nars Cosmetics Blush in Desire ($30).

  2. Step 1: Bold Yellow Lids


    It’s important to pull your hair out of your face to make sure you can see all the details here. Start off by using a bright yellow shadow, or Ben Nye Cream Pod in Yellow ($8). Apply to your entire eyelid on both sides and slightly beyond the inside corners of your eyes.

  3. Step 2:  Smudgy Wings + White Highlight


    Apply your black eyeshadow to the outside creases in a dramatic way using an angled shadow brush to create a large slightly smudgy wing tip. Then blend a white eyeshadow on your brow bones to highlight the look and give it an extra pop of dimension.

  4. Step 3: White line + Faux Lash Line


    Use either white eyeliner or the Ben Nye Cream Pod in White ($8) to create a white line along your lower lash line. This is going to give the illusion of having a larger eyeball (gross, but cool). With the Ben Nye Cream Pod in Black ($8), draw a new faux lower lash line below the white line you just made. Use a fine-pointed brush and make little eyelashes on the lower part of the line.

  5. Step 4: Teardrop


    Use the Ben Nye Cream Pod in Sky Blue ($8) to create a teardrop. You can be creative with this — just go with whatever feels right and seems appropriate for your eye shape. Add a bit of the white cream on the lower portion of the tear to act as a highlight and then outline the teardrop with black.

  6. Step 5: Strong Brow + Mascara


    Use the black cream to draw on your eyebrows. First, outline the shape — be sure to make a strong angle here — and then fill it in by making small short flick movements. Even though it is dramatic, you still want it to appear blended and soft for a more realistic finish. Go big with your mascara. Either apply a few coats, or rock some major false eyelashes for a va-va-voom look.

  7. Step 6: Statement Lips


    I used the Ben Nye Cream Pod in Purple ($8) as my base and then added a layer of a fuchsia lipstick over it. Again, use white to give a highlight that will really complete your cartoon-like look. To finish the lip, outline in black, allowing the lines to taper off on the center of your lower lip line.

  8. Step 7: The Dots!


    Using the Ben Nye Cream Pod in White ($8) and the back of a makeup or paint brush, begin applying small dots all over your face. You can go larger if you don’t want to spend the time to make all the dots. I went with a medium dot size because I like the effect of it but also did not want to spend too much time on the process.

  9. Step 8: Final Touches


    Draw lines to create your cheekbones and side of your nose using the black cream pod. This is going to finalize that two-dimensional character vibe.

  10. Beauty_Halloween_Comic_29Pow!
  11. pa11Pair your favorite colored wig, graphic t-shirt and any wild leggings you can find with this makeup and you will be ready to turn some heads and whoop some booty! Also, feel free to play around with the colors. I kept it pretty traditional, but you can really make this your own by changing up the colors and teardrop placement.

What are your favorite makeup looks you see that you really want to try? Send images in the comments section below and I would love to make it happen next year!