The summer is made for all-day-long poolside relaxation. Friends will come over, frosé will be served, and — of course — Instagram photos will be snapped. That said, ‘dos you can style in a matter of minutes with post-pool, wet hair are key to ensuring you’ll always be ready for your next closeup. Here are nine simple styles to master for after you dry off.

1. Imperfectly Looped: Take 60 seconds to twist your hair into a low bun to keep it from looking like a tangled mess (it happens!). The pieces that stick out through the center of your knot make it look like you didn’t try too hard — just a little. (via Cosmopolitan)

2. Woven Bun: A bouncy, fluffy bun is a look you can easily take from the pool to a party. This voluminous updo is insanely simple to toss up, making it ideal when you want to look put-together in five minutes flat. (via Saving Our Strands)

3. Space Buns: Twirling your hair into two trendy knots lets you show off your personality while getting your hair out of the way. (via My Natural Sistas)

4. Slicked-Back: Take full advantage of your soaked locks by making your hairstyle look totally intentional. The name of the game with this ‘do is sleek and streamlined, so brush those strands back until they’re totally locked down. (via Byrdie)

5. Knots on Knots: If you’re looking for an Insta-worthy hairstyle minus the fuss, this is it — get ready for tons of Likes. The pieces that naturally fall down only add to the carefree feel of this stunner, so let this ‘do do its thing, naturally. (via Be Modish)

6. Half-Up Elegance: A touch of understated glitz can go a long way — take it from this basic-turned-elegant ‘do. Layer, layer, layer that hair until you’ve got a halfie in place, then tie it all together (literally) with a minimalist accessory. (via Say Yes)

7. Twisted Milkmaid: The twisted milkmaid look is even better than the OG braided style, honestly. The best part about these tied-up strands is that they’ll air dry beautifully. Be prepared to own your I-woke-up-with-perfectly-tousled-hair. (via Song of Style)

8. Souped-Up Ponytail: This anything-but-average pony is sporty and stylish at the same time — and it gets your hair off your back and neck. Just make sure you have several hair ties on hand! (via Longhairstyles2015)

9. Triple Coils: Meet your new, go-to style if you’re looking for fun in the back and formal in the front. This playful ‘do looks better when it’s wet and slicked down, which is perfect for those of us who live in the water this time of year. (via Hair Romance)

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