Rosé is *the* wine of choice during the hot summer months, crowding out all the other bevvies in the cooler. It’s no coincidence that, this year in particular, when Rose Quartz is the on-trend color, rosé is the most on-trend drink you can have. Well, you fell in love with wine slushies already, so rosé slushies, AKA frosé (get it?), are going to knock your socks off. They’re everything you could want in a summer drink — clean, crisp, cold and really easy to make. They’re essentially a pumped-up slushie for grownups that happen to taste like wine, and they have just enough alcohol to get you slightly tipsy. Day drinkers for the win! In addition, they’re OH-so gorgeous in the glass. These 15 frosé concoctions prove that once rosé slushies are in your life, you won’t want to ever be without them again.


1. Grapefruit Frosé: While some frosés are sweetened with sugar or simple syrup, this one calls for cane sugar liqueur and a slug of fresh grapefruit juice that brings out the citrus notes in a dry rosé. It tastes like a cold wave of sweet-tart fruit going down. (via Steele House Kitchen)


2. Frozen Rosé AKA Frosé: Summer is definitely rosé season, but when the heatwave hits, you’ve got to step up your game. The alcohol content in the rosé means these frozen drinks melt fast, and that makes them go down *real* easy. (via Basil and Bubbly)


3. Dry Rosé Sorbet: This fine-grained sorbet is made with simple syrup and a dry rosé Champagne. They make a great pre-dinner cocktail on the patio, or a refreshing palate cleanser at the end of the night. (via How Sweet It Is)


4. Strawberry and Watermelon Rosé Popsicles: These boozy popsicles are slightly sweet, thanks to the addition of fresh fruit, agave and blood orange liqueur. The alcohol content makes them almost instantly melty — but isn’t that exactly what you want on a hot day? They taste like an ice-cold boozy sangria in the BEST way. (via Holly & Flora)


5. Rosé Champagne Granita With Pomegranate: This granita makes a good and refreshing dessert that won’t make you feel too full — and that’s perfect for summer dinner parties. Do invite a few friends when you make this one, because served up in a chilled martini glass, they’re just too beautiful not to share. (via Made by Mary)


6. Raspberry Peach Frosé: Look out, margaritas! This frozen rosé wine blended with fruit, simple syrup and lemon juice is looking to replace you *forever*. The distinct peach flavor makes it great for pairing with spicy food like BBQ. (via Fox and Briar)


7. Frosé: Some frosé recipes seem sort of similar — with most calling for rosé wine, sugar and lemon — but elderflower liqueur gives this one a warm floral note that’s just perfect in a cocktail. Serve this beauty in your prettiest glass and allow it to melt a bit before drinking so the fruit and flower flavors have time to mingle. (via Brunch on Chestnut)


8. Watermelon-Strawberry Rosé Slushies: These babies are totally delish and only slightly sweet — deriving all their sweetness naturally from fresh watermelon and strawberry. Tip: freeze the fruit ahead of time. They’ll come together quickly as soon as you’re ready, giving you plenty of time to gossip with your peeps while you’re whipping them up. (via Boston Chic)


9. Rosé Wine Granita: An incredibly simple dessert cocktail that looks OH-so-complicated, this granita is a real showstopper. Scoop it out into glass dessert bowls and let it sparkle like fairy floss. Everyone at the table will be impressed. (via Feast + West)


10. Strawberry Rosé Slush: This frosé is perfect for poolside sipping, and you don’t need a fancy ice machine to pull it off. Just add frozen strawberries to your fave rosé, then sweeten with a sprinkle of confectioners sugar. It tastes like pure strawberry goodness — but slightly boozy. (via Budget Bytes)


11. Frozen Rosé Grapefruit Cocktail: This frosé calls for just three ingredients: dry rosé Champagne, grapefruit juice and ice. It’s delicious and refreshing — because it’s not overly sweet — and the blush color is simply divine. It’s a party-perfect cocktail, but it’s also easy enough to make for a weeknight wind-down sipper. (via Pizzazzerie)


12. Rosé Slushies: This frosé could not be simpler to make — you just need rosé, peaches and strawberries. It’s light enough to sip any time of day, but great for a weekend brunch or breakfast. It’s like a mimosa on steroids. SCORE! (via Edible Perspective)


13. Rosé Wine Slushies: Fantastically refreshing, frosé makes a great party drink because the addition of fruit stretches a modest wine budget a bit farther. And the taste? Like wine meets fruit smoothie, which is summertime nirvana. (via Simmer and Boil / Cooking Light)


14. The Perfect Rosé Slushy: A bottle of your favorite rosé Champagne elevates this frosé to signature cocktail status. The elderflower liqueur gives it a subtle sweetness that brings out the fruitiness in the bubbly. Sip one poolside this weekend with your friends. (via Waiting on Martha)


15. Frosé (a.k.a. Frozen Rosé): A crushed berry simple syrup makes this frosé something extra special. When you pour that warm made-from-scratch syrup over frozen wine, it melts to just the right slushy goodness in the blender. (via Ramshackle Glam)

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