Guys, the Internet is back to playing jokes on our eyes and brains.

Remember all that hoopla over what color #TheDress really was? Were you team #blackandblue or were you team #whiteandgold? Quite frankly, your answer doesn’t really matter anymore because the viral eye-trickery game is back in full force and there’s a hot new debate in town.


This one isn’t in the form of a dress or color changing hair though. Be prepared to be befuddled by… nail polish. Yep, nail polish. Who knew the stuff could be so confusing and controversial?

According to BuzzFeed, Twitter user @totallymendes posted a photo of two bottles of nail polish held near a high heel. I will not say what the color of the heel is because *that’s* part of the game, people. You gotta check it out for yourself to decide.

Are you #teampink or #teampurple? Either way, there is apparently is a very scientific reason behind why our eyes and brains have such a hard time choosing. One second, you might see purp while the next could have you seeing pink.

What do you think of the latest viral eye trickery — and which color do you see? Weigh in on the comment section below.

(Photo via @totallymendes)