A few months ago the Internet went wild about a dress, dividing offices and friendships between team #blackandblue or team #whiteandgold. Now that those arguments have died down a new one is about to erupt in its place to give us extra entertainment for the end of this short week. With the rise in popularity of pastel hair sweeping celebs + average gals alike, one YouTuber is stoking our inherent desire to bicker with a new video asking the question, “What color is my hair? Blue, purple, violet or pink?” Step aside, dress, you’ve got competition in the viral debate department.

color changing hair

The video depicts Sabrina — who recently went with a pastel color — showing off the hued ‘do to her boyfriend who had a strange reaction to her fresh look. In the video’s description Sabrina says her “boyfriend saw my hair change colors from pink to purple and wanted to show me what he was seeing.” So what better way to highlight that confusion in 2015 than sharing it with the Internet ;) Sabrina walks from one lit kitchen to a dimmer bathroom, so that could be why her hair color is “changing” to said boyfriend and questionable viewers, but check it out for yourself to see what goes down. And let your eyes go *wild* in the process.

Whether you wind up on team purple, violet, pink or blue, you can’t deny she rocks the rainbow. One rec Sabrina: Next time really mess with your man’s mind and go the half + half color route with your hair.

So, what color do you think the hair is? Blue, purple, violet or pink? Sound off in the comments.