We need to interrupt your morning (or afternoon, silly East Coasters) with a very important query posed to us by this genius House Beautiful quiz — what ‘90s pop culture bedroom are you meant to live in?

Oh, good Q, House Beautiful, we’ve only been waiting to answer that ALL OF OUR LIVES. And now that we get the opportunity, it’s really tough to choose. Sure, we obviously dig the decor and colorful kitsch in Clarissa Darling’s pad — bonus points for the cute be-laddered BFF through yonder window breaks. But bunking with our sis never looked more fun than how Deej and Steph made it look with their stuffed animal-crammed bay window and Mondrian Lite wallpaper. But the ‘90s were also filled with the types of epic breakdowns that had us crying into our cordless phones and padlocked diaries about how excited and oh-so-scared we were (blame ours on hormones, not caffeine pills).

We let the fates decide, answered honestly (gee, what ‘90s fashion trend DON’T we wish was still in style?!) and got Clarissa. #meanttobe

Take the quiz here and share your results with us below. Hmm, if there are a lot of Clarissas out there, maybe we should do a little Get the Look: ’90s kids’ room style…

What ’90s childhood bedroom do you want to live in?! Which was your favorite growing up?