Update: This post was part of our 2014 April Fools’ Prank. But, you know the ’90s are always in style so keep on scrolling to keep the angsty/sparkly dream alive ;)

First off, even though being an adult is so-totally-rad, we kind of miss the days of having our own phone line and battling our siblings out for it after dinner. That phone was such a prized possession, especially when calling your crush and immediately hanging up. Here are seven iconic phones from the last few years that will totally take you back.

1. Red Lips Telephone ($14): Admittedly, DJ’s bestie Kimmy Gibbler has way better style than DJ herself. BUT, this phone rules. I totally got one for Christmas last year!

2. The Clear Phone ($35): Technically, the clear phone came out in the late ’80s. Of course, it took all of us a few years to convince our moms that it was something we should have.

3. Zack Morris’ Cell Phone: #1 Crush Alert! The hair. The smile. That freaking phone!

4. Hot Pink High Heel Phone ($22): We prefer platforms ;)

5. Barbie Walkie Talkie Phones: Too old for Barbie? Fine. But how awesome would it be if these were real phones?

6. Motorola StarTAC: Have you hopped onto the cell phone trend yet? Or are you a pager-user-for-life? We love the candy colors of this remix on the StarTAC.

Bonus! Dream Phone: Finally, call up that hunk you’ve always dreamed about with this classic board game. Sigh. If only real life was that easy…

What kind of phone do you have? Anyone have a cordless that actually works? Talk to us in the comments below.