You may be used to the calming serenity of most yoga studios 鈥 with new age-y music playing in the background, accompanied by birds chirping and river water babbling, as your instructor softly urges you to focus on your breath. SCREW THAT! Or rather, for all our ladies who are flexible AND foul-mouthed but don鈥檛 quite jive with the uber-sweet-relaxation, we have the perfect thing for y鈥檃ll. Rage Yoga. Yes, f*cking rage yoga! If you like to release your pent up stress by letting off some serious steam, this is absolutely for you.

rage yoga

The Rage Yoga website explains, 鈥淏eat your stress and feel better in your body with these relaxing, comical classes. The yoga style is a bastardization of Vinyasa Yoga, done at a slower pace and with more F-bombs. Stay for a pint if you please.鈥

Dudes, instructor Lindsay Istace isn鈥檛 pulling your limber leg. On the site, she鈥檚 even posing with a bottle of beer (though, sorry gals, this isn鈥檛 ALSO beer yoga).

rage yoga

But more than that, she says, 鈥淥n and off the mat, Rage Yoga is an attitude. Centered, confident and giving zero fucks.鈥

Granted, at the moment you have to be in Calgary, Canada to attend a ragey class in-person, but don鈥檛 fret, flexy f*ckers! Lindsay is introducing online on-demand classes as well as monthly live broadcast classes 鈥渟o you can get your rage on whenever or wherever you please.鈥

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(h/t Well+Good; photos via Rage Yoga)