The intersection of fashion and technology is one that continues to grow, such as Zara鈥檚 integration of iPads into dressing rooms. Other retailers have caught on, including behemoth purveyor of Americana, Polo Ralph Lauren. According to Fashionista, the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City just got a major technological upgrade.


Dubbed the Oak Fitting Room, there is now a dressing room in the store from fashion/technology company Oak Labs that has a 鈥渟mart鈥 mirror in which you can do all sorts of crazy things you never thought possible. The interactive mirror has a touch screen that immediately flashes upon entry to prompt you to start playing around with it. You can change the lighting to Ralph Lauren-inspired tones such as 鈥5th Avenue Daylight,鈥 鈥淓ast Hampton Sunset鈥 and 鈥淰illage Candlelight Dinner.鈥


From there, the mirror can sense what you鈥檝e brought into the rooms and let you know what the inventory is like for the styles you want to try on, as well as stylist recommendations for things to go with the items you鈥檝e chosen. There鈥檚 also an option to have sales help 鈥 they鈥檙e notified via iPad and can text you back immediately to let you know they鈥檙e on their way or looking for that next size down. The mirror will even text you links to other items聽you might want to buy, which you can use to purchase in-store or later online 鈥 all in a variety of languages.


Polo Ralph Lauren is no stranger to technology, with such projects in the past as their Polo 鈥渟mart shirt,鈥 hologram display windows and even a 4-D walk-on-water Spring 2015 collection, all of聽which made the company聽a natural first partner for Oak Labs. This is a genius idea not only to provide a new level of customer service, but also for retailers as they gather all sorts of data on your shopping habits. Look for more interactive ideas to come as fashion and technology integrate even further.

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(h/t Fashionista; images via Ralph Lauren/Oak Labs)