We’ve all been through this morning scenario (in fact, some of us experienced this as recently as this AM): Your alarm goes off and you’re cozily laying in bed thinking about what to wear today. Is it sweater weather? Should you step up your outerwear game with some warm boots? Will the wind mess up your perfectly curled hair or should you go for the ponytail route instead? All of these factors affect our day-to-day style choices, but a new app from Glamour is about to make those morning decisions a whole lot easier.


COAT?, Glamour‘s new free weather-based fashion iOS app, will help you quickly make sartorial decisions based on the climate around you. This handy app offers you instant notifications that give you specific fashion and beauty suggestions like, “Try a sweater and light puffer to warm and cool down as needed” or “Put your hair up. Put it up now. Unless you love having a sweaty neck.” The service also helps you choose when it makes sense to pack weather-appropriate accessories, like an umbrella, so you’re never caught unprepared in a downpour.

Let’s be honest: There’s nothing that replaces the thorough info that comes from your old friend, your local weather person, but not all of us are tuning into daily weather reports — especially in the mornings when you’re rushing around getting ready for work. That’s when you should fire up this virtual weatherman-meets-stylist app so you can dress a little smarter and be able to soak up those extra five minutes of sleep when you need ’em most.

What are your favorite ways to keep up with the weather in the morning? Share your thoughts in the comments below.