You know when you鈥檙e in a dressing room trying on a bunch of clothes and just so happened to not grab the only size you *actually* need? You鈥檙e standing there, one arm in a sweater that鈥檚 two sizes too small and one arm out and searching for the right-sized sweater in a stack of piled-way-too-high clothes. It鈥檚 a relatable struggle that everyone鈥檚 been through, and one that Zara wants to put an end to with the help of technology.


Zara is experimenting with putting iPads in their dressing rooms to make the whole trying on clothes process easier and more enjoyable. Customers will be able to tap the iPads for additional sizing options and to try on clothes in different colors all without having to leave the dressing room 鈥 score! It is pretty聽annoying to have to get dressed again just to grab an item in a different size or color, so we have a hunch this news is going to make shoppers very happy.

The technology starts working when you enter the dressing room and scan the items you鈥檙e trying on into the iPad. From there, you can request swaps for items you鈥檙e trying on. A salesperson receives your requests and then will actually bring the fresh options to your dressing room door. Right now, Zara is testing out this iPad technology in large stores in Spain, but our fingers are crossed this concept makes its way to the US. This is the future of fast shopping, y鈥檃ll.

Would you be on board with this change to Zara鈥檚 dressing rooms? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(h/t Racked)