One-hit-wonder kitchen appliances can take up a ton of precious storage. And when every inch is prime real estate, those fancy appliances can seem unworthy. But on your next massive kitchen purge, be sure to save your rice cooker from the Goodwill box. Believe it or not, you can actually use them to whip up a tasty and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert! Here are nine recipes you never knew you could make in a rice cooker.


1. Upside Down Apple Cake: Light, fluffy cake topped with sliced apples under a honey cinnamon glaze? You may never use your oven again. (via Daily Cooking Quest)


2. Mac + Cheese: In just 25 minutes you can have all-natural macaroni with your choice of cheese and toppings. The blue box is now a thing of the past. (via Ginny’s Recipes)


3. Cinnamon Roll Pancake: This cinnamon roll might be big enough to share, but you won’t want to. No judgement here ;) (via Club Chica Circle)


4. Sausage Grits: Get a hearty breakfast while hardly doing any work. This meal will ensure that you’re not tempted by the box of donuts in the break room a few hours later. (via Seeded at the Table)


5. Hard Boiled Eggs: Get perfectly cooked eggs every time without waiting for water to boil and or getting the steam facial. (via Frugal in Florida)


6. Epic Pancake: Rice cooker pancakes are officially a thing, and this recipe is the reason. (via I Am a Food Blog)


7. Split Pea Dal: This classic Indian dish is full of strong, complex flavors like cumin, turmeric and red pepper flakes, and would make a great Meatless Monday meal. (via Vegetarian Times)


8. Steel Cut Oats: These taste just as good as overnight oats but take less than 30 minutes. Top with your fave seasonal fruit and some nuts for even more nutritional value. (via Tastespotting)

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9. Summer Vegetable Frittata: The trick to getting this frittata perfectly cooked before the timer goes off is paper-thin sliced veggies. It’s time to show off your knife skills, people. (via Just Bento)

Which one of these recipes do you plan on cooking up? Do you have a different one of your own to share? Talk to us below!