As much as we love to start the day with a smoothie bowl or cereal and milk, some mornings call for something a little less chilly. Enter, the warm breakfast bowl. Whether savory or sweet, these cold-crushing creations feature everything from assorted grains, eggs and veggies to fruit, chocolate and more to make a satisfying and steamy way to start the day. Enjoy going beyond the usual packet o’ oats in the AM with these 18 delicious combos.

Breakfast Burrito Bowl With Sweet Potato Noodles

1. Breakfast Burrito Bowl With Sweet Potato Noodles: We’re not ones to turn down burrito bowls, no matter the time of day. This recipe skips the usual rice and beans, making it a great, grain-free way to greet the day. (via Food Faith Fitness)

Breakfast Super Bowl

2. Breakfast Super Bowl: Up the superfood quotient even further by swapping out the pine nuts for a handful of pepitas. It’s delish either way. (via Bea’s Cookbook)

Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

3. Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free): This chocolatey combo is kinda like rice pudding, only with more protein and none of the sugar. Serve it hot (or cold) with raspberries or strawberries sprinkled over top. (via The Blonde Pantry)

4. The Apple Pie: Crumbled graham crackers and fresh slices of apple give every bite of this pie-inspired bowl a TON of tasty texture. (via Brit + Co)

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

5. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: Keep a batch of cooked quinoa on hand, and you’re only a quick saute, fried egg and sliced avocado away from breakfast. (via Erin Made This)

Blueberry Almond Flaxseed Porridge

6. Blueberry Almond Flaxseed Porridge (Grain-Free): We’d venture to guess that this particular porridge is unlike any you’ve tried before. Enjoy it topped with fruit and nuts, or take it in a less sweet direction — you can’t go wrong either way. (via Dish by Dish)

Savory Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls With Crispy Eggs, Bacon and Scallions

7. Savory Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls With Crispy Eggs, Bacon and Scallions: It might be hard to go back to maple and brown sugar after you try this savory spin on oatmeal. Bacon, eggs and cheese add delicious, stick-to-your-ribs flavor to every bowlful. (via My Bacon-Wrapped Life)

8. Mandarin Orange Quinoa Bowl: Coconut milk is a brilliant complement to both the nutty quinoa and sweet mandarins featured in this almond-sprinkled delight. (via Brit + Co)

Maple Pecan Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

9. Maple Pecan Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: A powerful trifecta of oats, quinoa and coconut flour will help keep that “hanger” at bay ’til lunchtime. (via Simply Quinoa)

Pesto Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

10. Pesto Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: Tossing homemade kale-basil pesto with quinoa is a sneaky way to get a helping of greens in the morning. It forms a flavorful bed for a runny-yolk egg and tangy crumbles of goat cheese. (via Nerdy Bites)

Quick and Easy Sweet Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl

11. Quick and Easy Sweet Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl: Healthy and nutritious, the fresh, apple pie-esque flavors are far superior to anything that comes from a packet. (via Running With Spoons)

Chai Tea Oatmeal

12. Chai Tea Oatmeal: You only need five ingredients to make this spiced oatmeal. You guessed it — these oats pair wonderfully with a cup of chai tea to wash it all down. (via Healthy Nibbles and Bits)

13. Oatmeal Apple Cups: Baking oatmeal in a hollowed-out apple is one clever way to enjoy your warm breakfast bowl, serving vessel and all. (via Brit + Co)

Migas With Black Beans

14. Migas With Black Beans: We bet this scramble of eggs, corn tortillas, veggies, cheese and beans would also make an excellent hangover cure. (via Cook’s Hideout)

Blueberry Pie Oatmeal

15. Blueberry Pie Oatmeal: Give this healthy and quick berry-packed oatmeal a go the next time you’re craving blueberry muffins. (via Katerina Cooks)

Eggs En Cocotte

16. Eggs en Cocotte: Keep eggs and tomato sauce on han, and you have the makings of an impromptu brunch. Just add a few slices of crusty bread to take things to the next level. (via Vicki Morton)

Banana Hot Chocolate Baked and Flooded Oatmeal

17. Banana Hot Chocolate Baked and Flooded Oatmeal: Some mornings you just need to treat yourself, and this double hot chocolate oatmeal will do just that. (via The Breakfast Drama Queen)

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls With Beet Greens and Avocado

18. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls With Beet Greens and Avocado: Roast the veggies ahead of time, and you can get these colorful power bowls on the table in only five minutes. (via The Roasted Root)

What are some of your favorite warm breakfast choices that go beyond pancakes and waffles? Share yours with us below!