20 Egg Dishes to Cook Up for Easter Brunch
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20 Egg Dishes to Cook Up for Easter Brunch

With all of the candy that we’re sure to consume throughout the day, digging into an Easter brunch that won’t spike your blood sugar is a great way to go. Start your Easter celebration off with one of these 20 egg-cellent dishes and you’ll surely be satisfied for hours. Serve up a bowlful of fruit salad on the side for a little something sweet that’s still healthy. Let’s get crackin’!

1. Bacon, Mushroom and Spinach Frittata: Quick, easy and make-ahead friendly? You’ll get all that and more with this delicious bacon and veggie egg bake. (via Damn Delicious)

2. Easy Sausage Cheddar Quiche: There’s cheese baked right into the crust, so you’ll get a taste of cheddar with every single bite. So quiche in every way. (via Brown Sugar)

3. Super Healthy Breakfast Sandwich: You can feel good about treating yourself to this healthy breakfast sandwich. Each one is topped with an entire large avocado, making them feel extra luxurious. (via The Awesome Green)

4. Eggs on Clouds: You only need four ingredients to make these creative clouds. They’re a great way to cook up a huge batch of eggs  without being tied to the stove. (via Blue Apron)

5. Magic 15-Seconds Creamy Scrambled Eggs: Beating a smidgen of starch and milk into a few eggs is all it takes to create super custardy, foolproof scrambles every time. (via Lady and Pups)

6. Cheesy Gougère Baked Eggs: Baked in a savory gruyere and black pepper choux pastry shell (gougère), these eggs won’t even need a side of toast. (via Pinch and Swirl)

7. Smashed Avocado Toast + Veggies: You’ll find the first stalks of spring asparagus and a host of complementary veggies mingling with creamy avocado atop these gorgeous toasts. (via Simple Green Moms)

8. Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffin: These Buffalo-sauced beauts are baked in a lunchmeat cup to create a delightfully portable and low-carb breakfast bite. (via Food Faith Fitness)

9. Perfect Oven Fried Eggs: Enjoy this easy-to-master, set-it-and-forget-it technique for frying up eggs in the oven. (via Coconut Contentment)

10. Curried Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls: Almost all of the elements for these well-balanced breakfast bowls can be done up ahead of time. Simply poach a few eggs just before serving for the finishing touch. (via Back to Her Roots)

11. Shakshouka With Harissa: A few spoonfuls of harissa spice up this kicky tomato and egg skillet in a snap. (via The Foodie Dietitian)

12. Roasted Eggs With Ham and Chorizo: Go ahead and sneak a little Easter ham to make these personal-size baked egg casseroles. You’ll love swiping up every last drop of the chorizo-laced sauce with a piece of toast. (via Loleta Life, Market + Cooking)

13. Breakfast Bruschetta: Cheese and veggies and eggs, oh my! These fancy toasts are delicious all day long. (via The Original Dish)

14. Green Eggs and Prosciutto Frittata: How great is this spinach- and basil-studded play on green eggs and ham? (via Flavorrd)

15. Avocado Bacon Eggs Benedict: You cannot go wrong with this brioche breakfast sandwich meets classic eggs Benedict. (via FWx)

16. Poached Egg With Crunchy Quinoa and Brown Butter Asparagus: Starting the day with whole grains and veggies cancels out all of the candy that we plan on eating, right? Well, it surely can’t hurt. (via Salt + Wind)

17. Breakfast Focaccia With Fried Duck Eggs, Heirloom Tomatoes and Zaatar: Use any type of egg you like for these fantastic flatbreads. (via Nancy’s Cravings)

18. Danish Dirty Eggs: Don’t let leftover dyed Easter eggs go to waste. Put them to good use over thick slices of rye smothered in a Dijon cream sauce. (via 10th Kitchen)

19. Baked Eggs With Roasted Potatoes and Toasted Bread: It doesn’t get much more classic than this combo of eggs, potatoes and toast. (via Savory Time)

20. Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelet With Spinach and Avocado: This overstuffed, three-egg omelet is big enough to share, but one taste of all the glorious fillings may make you want to keep the whole thing to yourself. (via Cooking and Beer)

What is your favorite eggy dish to whip up for brunch? Share yours with us below!