Proposal videos are one of the Internet’s favorite feel-good pastimes (right up there with baby and pet videos). Who doesn’t love love, right? But aside from holding out your phone during the proposal or having someone else do it, how do you capture the moment while keeping it intimate and your hands free? The answer is Ring Cam.


If you’re planning on proposing to your significant other, upgrading your ring box will give you a close-up video of the proposal. The wide angle lens in Ring Cam captures high-def footage of the elated, genuine and real reaction. You can get your video and audio from the Ring Cam via a USB port on the side.

The folks at Ring Cam suggest shooting in low light, but not in the dark. They also encourage you to not overthink it and not to look into the camera. The best footage comes from people focused on the proposal and letting the box do its job.


You can rent a Ring Cam for $99 for three weeks. And don’t worry — when it’s mailed, it will arrive in discreet packaging.

Not only could your video go viral, but it’s a great way to share the moment with your friends and family.

Would you rent a Ring Cam? Let us know about your perfect proposal in the comments!

(h/tDesign Taxi)