Vitamins are vitamins are vitamins. Right? Wrong. One glance down the nutrition aisle is enough to make your head spin. Take into account that many offer a vague ingredient list and you’ve got an even more complex dilemma on your hands. If you want to not just start taking a multivitamin, but a multivitamin that also offers entry into the cool kids club, allow us to introduce you to Ritual.


Ritual just launched today (October 19) and was founded a year and a half ago by Katerina Schneider. When Katerina was pregnant she started throwing out everything in her house that had murky ingredients listed. She quickly found that her prenatal vitamins fell into that category. After that, she decided to leave her job as an investor to start a vitamin company with one core mission: traceability.

Unlike most other companies, everything in a Ritual vitamin can be clearly identified and even traced back to its origin – much like food products. Schneider tells us, “You can literally trace every ingredient and see where they’re coming from and why they’re there. On the site, you’ll find interviews with every scientist about every ingredient.”


What’s actually in Ritual? Vitamin K2, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, boron, iron, vitamin E, magnesium, folate and omega-3. These might all sound sort of obscure, but that’s on purpose. Schneider says, “When we looked at the thousands of studies and research available on this and it showed that the average woman in the US is not getting enough of nine ingredients. And that’s because a lot of these things you aren’t found in a typical multivitamin.”

In fact, a few of the go-to multivitamin ingredients were intentionally left out. Specifically, vitamin C and calcium. Schneider says we already get enough vitamin C through our daily diets. And instead of calcium, “Ritual combines vitamin D3, K2, boron to actually work together to change the way you utilize calcium from the food you eat.” People might think it’s shocking that we’ve left those out, but we have really good reasons not to do that,” Schneider says.


But wait. How trendy can a vitamin really be? Take one glance at Ritual’s website and you’ll see what we mean. With typography and graphics cute enough to copy onto a tote bag, it’s immediately clear who Ritual wants to reach: millennial women. If you still find yourself looking for an added wellness boost even after bathing in Glossier’s brand new serums, this is for you.

The clean aesthetic can even be seen in the design of the actual pill. The transparent capsule shows off its insides like a snow globe. It’s almost too pretty to swallow. And while it’s stunning, functionality is the underlying cause here. Ritual has intentionally left the dry ingredients dry and the oil in oil form. The absence of processing makes it easier for you body to digest. It just so happens to be beautiful.

Following a pricing plan millennials are used to, Ritual is currently offered only on a subscription basis. For $30 a month (one dollar a day), you’ll receive a monthly shipment of the new wellness product. Never think about having to restock and *hopefully* never fall victim to a winter cold again. If there’s anything that might convince us to give up those Flintstones vitamins once and for all, this is it.

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