A coffee table might not rate highly on your list of decorating needs, but just try to do without one for any length of time, and you’ll be clamoring for somewhere to put your drink (and your feet!). While it might feel safer to stick with a rectilinear table, sometimes a piece with a few more curves can really round out your living room. One of our favorite interior designers, Betsy Ginn of SMID Design in Southern California, recommends using a round or oval coffee table (or even two smaller tables) as a way to break up the boxy feeling. If you’re in the market for some space updating, scroll on for coffee table inspo.

1. Magical Thinking Folding Table ($189): This table was made for the space-challenged bohemian. We love how the base folds up for easy storage.

2. Slim Round Coffee Table ($269): This coffee table lets you add a pop of color to your room without making a huge investment. It comes in 14 different color options, so the hard part is actually committing to a single color.

3. Marble Oval Coffee Table ($399): This table has everything going for it: marble, brass and clean lines. Your living room will look so luxe.

4. Cala Hammered Coffee Table ($239): Not only is this coffee table cute, compact and shiny, but the lid lifts off so you can use the interior space for storage. We call that a win.

5. You Say Coffee Table, I Say Play Table ($499): If you’d like to keep your decor understated but still want extra storage, then you’ll want to pick up this coffee table.

6. Origami Coffee Table ($399) This is the ultimate small-space round table. Not only does the origami base give it a small footprint, but it also makes the table appear visually light, yet still interesting.

7. Fud Coffee Table ($790): This li’l round guy is the perfect choice for any small yet colorful space. (photo via Design Files)

8. Global Views Hammered Coffee Table ($373): With a white marble top and gold-painted iron base, this small table packs a big punch.

9. Apis Coffee Table ($349): This coffee table has been scaled so that it works equally well as a small coffee table or large nightstand. If you like to move your furniture around, this might be just the thing for you.

10. Dawson Round Coffee Table ($599): This weathered, scaled-down pedestal table is an easy way to up the elegance quotient in your living room.

11. Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table ($399): If you like a mid-century look, then this is the table for you. The marble top and clean lines make it small-space friendly too.

What’s your coffee table poison? Round or square? Let us know in the comments below.