If you had to describe your office in two words, what would they be? Gray cubes? Polar vortex? Whatever you’d pick, we’re betting “Millennial Jungle” wouldn’t be top of the list. However, that’s exactly what Rebecca Reeve, CEO of Rsquared Communication, said when it was time to plan the vibe of the company’s first real office. “I specifically said I’d like a ‘millennial jungle’,” Reeve tells us. “The work we do is very fast-paced and demanding, so creating a tranquil space in contrast to that was important to us.” With help from interior designer Alba Poretti, Reeve handily achieved her mission of a plant paradise in downtown San Francisco, CA. Seriously, look at this space.

“Rebecca always has a clear sense of what she wants, and the most notable visual directive she gave me for this makeover was to create an elegant jungle,” Poretti says. “With that in mind, we collaborated to infuse the space with lush green hues that would complement the graphic brand identity, and plush textures that would enchant the senses.” The space is home to just under 50 plants, so the leafy vibe is very real.

The office had to help get creative juices flowing for Rsquared employees, but it also needed to serve double duty when entertaining clients. “We wanted to create something that felt high-end and glamorous, yet functional and relaxed. We needed an office suitable for everyday work that could seamlessly transform into a hosting space for happy hours, where journalists could mingle with founders and executives from our client companies,” Reeve explains. Personally, we’d be down to attend a happy hour in this lush environment any day.

Poretti designed a so-called “chill corner” to offer some more relaxed seating options. “It’s the first place I take everyone on the tour of our 3000-square-foot office,” says Reeve. “And it’s where I had many a nap in the first trimester of my pregnancy earlier this year.”

The color palette picks up in the kitchen, where bright green barstools mimic the leafy shade of the many potted plants. (It’s also Rsquared’s signature brand color.) Brass is another recurring theme throughout the space, lending a glam touch that we love.

Inspired by Old Hollywood-style sitting parlors, this area puts a new-school twist on greeting guests. “We wanted to create a visually and tactically stimulating experience for visitors and clients that would allow them to feel the elegance, creativity, focus, and professionalism that defines the Rsquared brand,” Poretti tells us, which included showing off some of Rsquared’s proudest moments front and center. Framed articles are flanked by (you guessed it) more plants to make the space feel relaxed.

The company’s Financial District location has amazing 270-degree views of San Francisco, but the team couldn’t resist greening them up a little with hanging planters.

“We wanted to make the office an organic place that people loved spending time in, and to me, that’s a leafy luxury hotel lobby crossed with a modern tech space,” says Reeve. Let’s be real: If this space was a hotel, we’d never want to check out.

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(Images via Meg Messina for Rsquared)