Anyone who’s ever gotten a glimpse of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava has likely been struck by the similarities between the 17-year-old and her famous mother: If we didn’t know better, the two could practically pass for twins.

There’s one person who’s not here for their doppleganger comparisons, however: Ava’s dad, Ryan Phillippe. Though the actor remains on good terms with his ex-wife, he revealed to ET that he sometimes wishes he could speak out on behalf of his daughter to let everyone know that she deserves her own identity. “I feel like saying, ‘She has her own face,” he told the outlet. “Let her have her own face, you know?”

The Breach actor said that he finds it odd when people fixate on he and Witherspoon’s likeness to their kids. “I mean, it’s weird, because isn’t that obvious? Who else are they going to look like, you know? I always find that such a weird thing, like [Ava] looks exactly like her mother; who else is she going to look like? It’s an odd thing that people fixate on that.”

As for Witherspoon, who told Vanity Fair earlier this year that she does “see the resemblance,” and Ava herself, Phillippe says he thinks the pair have come to terms with the comparisons. “I’ve wondered sometimes how they feel about it. We’ve talked about it too, but I think we’ve all made peace with the fact that we’re out there in the public and people are going to choose to key on whatever is interesting to them,” he mused. “It may not be interesting to us; it’s not something — we don’t sit around talking about how much we look alike.”

Fair enough!

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(h/t ET; Photo via Kevork Djansezian + Frazer Harrison/Getty)