We are loving IKEA’s latest collection for its modern vibe and homey, natural materials like cork, ceramics, bamboo, cotton and hand-blown glass. SINNERLIG includes around 30 products for the kitchen, dining room and indoor garden, and offers everything from larger furniture pieces such as cork-covered tables to chunky glass bottles with cork stoppers. And while the collection won’t hit stores until October 2015, we couldn’t resist coming up with some new and exciting hack ideas.

1. Matte Black Tray ($14): While we are totally digging the earthy simplicity of this black tray, our creative minds are already thinking about how we can add some color or metallics to it before putting it on the coffee table or bar cart. DIY a gold-patterned tray by cutting out triangles of gold contact paper and then cover the whole tray with a coat of lacquer to make sure it holds up against any spills and such.

2. Baskets ($15): Big baskets are great for many reasons, and we are already thinking of all the ways we could personalize these bad boys. You could go with a color-dipped theme and paint half the basket in a bold neon shade, use them for Easter and DIY some charming gift baskets or make handles for the basket out of an old leather belt.

3. Pendant Lamp ($62): Obviously you could spray paint these woven lights any color you want. But you could also add tassels to the bottom or DIY some blooms and cover the whole shade for a colorful statement piece of bohemian decor.

4. Cork Bottles ($7-$26): How amazing are all these glass bottles? They’ve been given a slightly aged veneer, and the different sizes mean you can use them for all kinds of things. We can see the corks being ideal for DIY wine stoppers, and that huge round jar is perfect for a DIY terrarium or stylish pantry storage.

5. Linen Pillows ($12): This full range of linen cushion covers comes in four neutral shades, which are a great base for some geeky iron-on designs or a very classy, leather-dipped look.

6. Day Bed ($587): This probably isn’t what you’d want to use as a primary lounging sofa, but it would be great on a covered porch. Since the fabric is neutral, we’d love to see the legs color dipped, or if you don’t want to mess with paint, try wrapping washi tape in a different striped pattern for each leg of your sofa. That way, if you get tired of it, the tape will come off just as easy as it went on.

7. Plant Pots ($10): Obviously we appreciate the quality of these solid earthenware pots, but they need just a little color, don’t you think? Perk them up with pretty geometric shapes by painting on them, or use this awesome decoupage technique with tissue paper. Because in case you didn’t know, tissue paper might be the easiest hack for turning boring furniture into a stunning statement piece.

8. Cork Table ($387): Anyone else work from a dining table and have to put everything away when it’s dinner time? We absolutely adore the hammock under this table for storing projects, homework and craft supplies. Switch out the black legs for copper ones or paint ’em with a pastel or neon shade for a bit of color.

9. Woven Rug ($75): This rustic natural fiber rug would look great indoors and is sturdy enough to stand up to all your daily wear and tear. However, don’t you think it would be just the tiniest bit better with a rad painted design? Whether you want to add fringe or paint a stencil pattern, this rug is the perfect option for trying out our Anthro rug hack.

10. Cork Pot Stand ($14): The little earthen jugs are awesome, but we’ve got our eyes on that hefty cork platter off to the left. IKEA calls it a cork pot stand, but the potential of this piece goes way beyond. It would be perfect for a color-blocked clock, a painted serving board for picnics, a DIY leather mouse pad or a donut mirror. Seriously, the last thing you’ll be using that piece of cork for is a pot stand.

What is your favorite piece from the SINNERLIG collection? Tell us what you’re itching to hack in the comments below!