Okay, we admit that we love IKEA. Like, a lot. When we’re looking for a way to spruce up our bedroom or kitchen, we know we can rely on the big box retailer to bring us stylish, simple furniture that works for our lifestyle and our budget. But sometimes those silly little allen wrenches send us into total meltdown mode, amiright? Whackpack, whose Kickstarter campaign was just fulfilled, has pieces that aim to take the frustration out of flat-pack furniture, and, well, aim to have you take your frustration out on the furniture too.

Whackpack uses a combination of Japanese woodworking and the old Irish method of construction called bodging, where you literally just bang the thing together. It takes only one minute to assemble (aka whack) and is super sturdy due to what the Japanese refer to as a “hell joint.” While this process makes the assembly permanent, it also makes it super fun.

Available for sale starting next month, the “creepie” stool (weird name, we know) will retail for $49. This might seem like a lot for a stool, but for a perfectly assembled piece of furniture and some catharsis, that seems like a pretty good deal to us!

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