It’s a brisk autumn Friday here in SF, and we’re looking forward to a weekend filled with hot chocolate, emoji and maybe even a DVR-ed screening of S Club 7’s reunion show? ;) Let the randomness begin — you have now entered the BritList.

1. S Club 7 Reunion: Technically, S Club 7 is a late ’90s band. But, their peak in popularity was definitely in the extremely early ’00s. And you know what that means? The early aughts might just be turning into the early ’90s… feel old yet? Anywhoooo, S. Club 7 is reuniting TODAY on BBC in support of BBC Children in Need. Given this club’s following, we’re guessing lots of video links and screenshots of the performance will pop up on the Internetz this weekend.

2. Pepperoni Bedding ($80): Always dreamed of wrapping yourself in a blanket full of cheese and pepperoni? Well, thanks to design shop Emotional Rainbow, those dreams can now come true. See also: The French Fries Bed.

3. Big Daddy Kane Socks ($18): We’ve gotta hand it to Nordstrom’s catalog copywriters for this product description: “Almost like the real deal, fuzzy yarns texture Big Daddy Kane’s chinstrap beard and hair on intarsia-knit socks blended with soft combed cotton.”

4. Thanksgiving Butterball: Also known as a turkey-shaped ball of butter, this butterball is not your typical Thanksgiving main. It is a ball of butter shaped like a TURKEY. Meta-Thanksgiving FTW.

5. Acrylic Tabletop Trees ($50): How pretty are these table-topping trees? Created by our incredible kit and product designer Lee Schellenberger, this set of 10 trees is just what your holiday tablescape needs.

6. Advanced Style: This series by Ari Seth Cohen takes sartorial style to the senior set. Cohen roams the streets of New York looking for fashion-forward older folks, offering proof that signature style only gets better with age.

7. Baby It’s Cold Outside Pillow ($34): Cozy up to this throw pillow all winter long.

8. Shot Face Photo Series: This series by Tim Charles follows the path from that gleeful moment when a person decides to take a shoot to the sour-faced post-shot-taking results. So good. Related: Here is my shot face, with the husb proudly smiling by my side.

9. I Love You Calfornia Prints ($25-$65): This California bear is a crowd favorite, and these prints by 3 Fish Studios are patterned perfection.

10. The Most Batsh*t Insane Music Video Ever: And finally, the most insane WTF OMG music video we’ve ever seen. “Gangnam Style” and “What Does the Fox Say?” pale in comparison to Wang Rong Rollin’s “Chick Chick” vid. Just press play. Hat tip to the folks at Incredible Things for finding this truly incredible thing.

Happy Friday!