Remember the apocalypse? You know, the one a couple years ago that was supposed to end the world? Well, that didn’t happen, but this did — this being the inspiration for indie musician Santigold’s new out-of-this world cosmetic collaboration, Santigolden Age with Smashbox Cosmetics.

We have always had a crush on Santigold’s style (we totes go way back, even when she was SantOgold) and it’s present in this 11-piece line, launching April 1. The inspiration came from picturing what a post-apocalyptic makeup counter where aliens and surviving humans alike might shop. The result is this gilded collection of bold makeup designed to becomes its own accessory. Take a first look now!

1. Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner in Azurite Is Never Wrong and Yellow Dwarf/Green Martian ($24 each): The perfect liner to motivate you to try out all of those looks you see in magazines but never do at home. C’mon, we’ll join you!

2. Eye-Shadow Collage in Apocalypse Now and Earth As We Know It ($36 each): Santi even sketched the design for these snakeskin-embossed eye palettes. “This collection looks good on all different skin colors, and that was something that was important in designing it,” she says. Can we just say: THANK YOU, S!?

3. Nail Polish Art Strips ($49 for each set): The next time your dude grumbles about going shopping with you, point out that Santigold’s husband Trevor “Trouble” Andrew worked with her to create these rich nail wraps. He’ll probably be like, “huh?” But we’ll back you up!

4. Be Legendary Lip Gloss in All Gold E’rything and Hot Lava ($20 each): We’re glad these glosses provide non-stop shine because we can’t stop drooling over the typography on these pieces. Hello, inspo for our next DIY project.

5. Be Legendary Lipstick Ring in Still Kickin’ ($49): We haven’t worn a lipstick ring in way too long and we are excited to bring it back. If this makeup made up a runway show, the Swarovski-dotted pyramid ring would be the pièce de résistance, strutting out at the very end and making jaws drop.

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