Listen up, Preppy! It seems that on-screen Gilmore Girls and Full House revivals just aren’t enough to scratch our nostalgia itch anymore, and we’re starting to see IRL versions of our favourite TV shows from childhood. A Saved By The Bell-themed bar and diner is set to open in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighbourhood this summer, and by the sounds of its decor and menu, you won’t even know you’re not at Bayside High!

The bar, Saved By The Max (named after the Bayside crew’s favourite hangout The Max), will feature custom detailed decor and a full kitchen so you can order some AC Sliders, a Preppy BLT, some Macaroni & Screech, the Belding Fries, a Lisa Turtle Milkshake and more. With custom themed cocktails and daily costume contests, this place, whose location has not yet been announced, will be just as rammed as The Max after school.

So far, over 3,000 people are listed as going on the Facebook event. It’s only there for the month of June, so unless Zach Morris shows up and does a time out to freeze the moment, you’d better make your travel plans now!

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(h/t WGN. Featured photo via NBC.)