October is much more than an abundance of PSLs and Halloween goodies. October brings us National Seafood Month to give folks an opportunity to think about sustainable options, and of course the health benefits of a seafood dinner. Here, 13 versatile recipes to help you dish fish throughout the cooler months.

1. Thai Fish Cakes: This recipe puts those white fish fillets kickin’ around in your freezer to good use by grinding them into a paste for succulent Thai fish cakes; don’t forget the sweet chili sauce for dippin’. (via Omnivore’s Cookbook)

2. Pan-Fried Haddock Mediterranean Style: Light in flavor, haddock gets pan fried along with juicy tomatoes, garlicky olives, capers, and a refreshing splash of white wine to bring you an exquisite 20-minute weeknight dinner. (via Innocent Delight)

3. Everything Bagel Salmon: Slam your fave breakfast and your fave fish together with a mouthwatering salmon seasoned with garlicky, onion-y goodness. (via We Are Not Martha)

4. Lemon Butter Sea Scallops:Scallops are so delicate and delicious, they rarely need much primping, which is why pan-searing them in a simple lemon butter sauce with garlic and fresh parsley is perfection. (via Pip and Debby)

5. Saffron Pasta With Clams and Sausage: This isn’t your average clam pasta; this recipe brings sausage and fresh saffron-infused pasta to the pan. Fancy. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

6. Slow-Roasted Curry Salmon: A 20-minute dinner is something we all covet throughout the week, and this lip-smacking curried salmon is the perfect recipe to have up your sleeve. (via Jessi’s Kitchen)

7. Crispy Baked Fish Sticks: Ditch the box of fish sticks from the frozen food section, because these babies are healthier, crispier, and WAY tastier. (via Grandbaby Cakes)

8. Cajun Shrimp Toast: Whoever said seafood and cheese don’t go together obviously never bit into a golden crisp toast topped with juicy (and sustainable!) Cajun-spiced shrimp, Parmesan, and lotsa mozza! (via Damn Delicious)

9. Creamy Clam Chowder: A big, steamy bowl of soup is a cold weather staple, and a rich clam chowder is the perfect way to treat yourself to the belly-warming goodness. (via Eazy Peazy Mealz)

10. Asian Seafood Pizza: Get hooked on this thin-crusted ‘za adorned with shrimp, crab, peppers, onions, and pineapple. There’s even a punchy wasabi honey mayo sauce involved. (via Omnivore’s Cookbook)

11. Baked Cod With Crab and Herb Crust: If you love fish enough to want to top your seafood with *more* seafood, this flaky baked cod with an herbaceous crab crust will be your new favorite thing. (via White Plate Blank Slate)

12. Aromatic Skillet Trout With Onions and Whole Peppercorns: Meaty trout is bathed in tomatoes, wine, and peppercorns for a bomb dinner that is nutritious and delicious. (via Where Is My Spoon)

13. Baked Tandoori Fish: Smothered with a homespun tandoori paste, this oven-baked fish pairs well with the tangy tomato and onion salad. (via Nish Kitchen)

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