Seaweed definitely has a place in some of our lives. (We’re not about to give up sushi.) But if you see the watery plant life as just some gross slimy stuff you see washing up on the beach, know this: Seaweed actually has a major role in our daily activities. It’s found its way into our spa treatments, vaccines, fertilizer and even ice cream. And now, it’s making its way into our living rooms in the form of some beautiful furniture.

Yup, these stunning chairs and hanging lamps are made from a kind of algae called fucus seaweed.

The algae is dried and ground up, then mixed into glue. The final result is a durable, cork-like material that’s naturally flame retardant and preserved from the damages of day-to-day aging, thanks to the high levels of salt in the material.

The genius concept comes from Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt, two Danish designers who both hold masters degrees in furniture design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. They were inspired by their native coastline, where fucus algae grows extensively. Thus, this locally harvested, natural and well-designed furniture was born.

Sure, it may be kinda out there, but we’re willing to give this seaweed a shot.

What do you think of this sleek seaweed furniture? Would you include some in your living room set? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t FastCo Design)