Sometimes we see a piece of furniture, a sight-specific sculpture, or a combination of the two that is so beautiful, we just have to write about it. Mostly, we just want to share the loveliness with you. Today’s gorgeous find? Lightwave, a sculptural bench inspired by waves. The kicker? It lights up at night!

Situated on Cornell University’s campus in Ithaca, New York, this beautiful piece by the folks at After Architecture is both an exterior installation and public seating space. Inspired by the surrounding landscape, this piece echoes the shapes of rock and water, and the rugged shapes and step ravines.

As you can see, the bench is created from a grid of square timber pieces. They create an undulating wavelike surface, and seem to float in midair. The interior sides of each timber piece are painted a variety of bright colors (hey, we like those!) to create a range of hues that is bright both during the day and night.

Which brings us to night! The piece is embedded with lights throughout, making it glow when the sunsets. How cool is that? We’re not sure this bench was inspired by Lite Brite, but… how could it not be?!

Seriously, these lights are our JAM.

We just love all the different shapes and elements this bench includes. We’d love to try our hand at creating a mini ottoman-size version for Brit HQ. Or maybe we should commission it?

What beautiful pieces of art, furniture, or both have you seen or made lately? Tell us about them and share links in the comments below. We might just feature your pick in our next installment of Made Us Look!