Is your space tiny? Like, teeny tiny. Like, 54 square feet micro-sized? If so, you may have found it troubling to furnish the place, even in head-to-toe IKEA. This new furniture from Yatno is a minimalist lover’s dream, and it morphs into multiple functions without even having to touch a screwdriver.

Yatno offers two pieces: the Yatno Satu and the Yatno Dua. The Satu transforms into a bed, table, chair and storage space. The Dua holds a clothing rack, drawers, cube storage and steps. Between both of the pieces, you have the basics you need for an ultra-small space.

The idea of the furniture came from the cramped living conditions in overcrowded cities like Taipei, Singapore and Mumbai. It’s not unusual to see closet-sized apartments, but it is unique to be able to find the right utilitarian furniture to fit inside of them.

To change the furniture from one piece to another, you just slip some rods and pegs in and out — no tools necessary. We would prefer if the parts were a little more intuitive, but when one piece of furniture can serve four functions, we’re willing to make a bit of sacrifice.

The pale wood pieces will keep small spaces looking open and the thin frames keep the furniture from looking too bulky or blocky. It’s everything we look for when styling a small space. Okay, fine. Maybe we’ll slap on a coat of paint

What do you think of the Yatno furniture? Would this fit into your space? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Fast Company)