There are certain facts of life that we all must eventually come to terms with: People age. We get wrinkles. And eventually, our once black, brunette, red, or flaxen locks morph into a full-on head full of gray or white. Just ask Kim Zolciak-Bierrman, who recently revealed she’s 95 percent gray.

Like it or not, it happens to everyone — yes, even celebrities. Selma Blair proved that point with a recent Instagram post showing off a paparazzi shot of her silver roots, but it was her caption that really won our hearts.

The People v. OJ Simpson star initially seemed to lament the photo, writing, “Things to do: Turn off Google alerts. Stop eating four cupcakes a day. Ask the Daily Mail if they could possibly start using filters. Wear exquisite hats!”

By the end though, she seemed to be embracing a whole new school of thought (albeit admittedly maybe not the most realistic). “I think I have a fantasy I will grow my hair gloriously gray!” she wrote.

And why not!? After all, the color IS still pretty hot right now, even for those that don’t have a head-start on it!

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(h/t People; Photos via Michael Kovac + Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty)