The streets of Seoul never cease to serve as an unparalleled source of fashion inspiration. It’s where an adventurous spirit is highly encouraged and WTF trends totally fly (much to our delight). As always, there was no shortage of noteworthy style moments to be seen during the Spring/Summer 2016 shows (rainbow hair and hanboks, anyone?), but the thing that really stood out were the slew of couples and besties hitting the streets in head-to-toe matching getups. Yes, that’s right — twinning is gonna be big this spring.


You probably go through pains to make sure you don’t show up to work or a party in the same outfit as your co-workers or squad, but in Seoul, rocking similarly styled ensembles is kind of the point. And we’re not just talking a little color coordination, either. This is straight-up, all-out matching. From head-to-toe denim to playful polka dot dresses, dressing like your sig other or mate is incredibly en vogue. (via @jungmnwoo)


On the couples front, PDA isn’t really a thing in Seoul, so the unexpected trend offers a way for couples to publicly show off a little amour and, in a sense, feel closer to one another. Cute, right? (via @kkangminjoon)


The trend has also been attributed to popular K-dramas (a little bit mini series, a little bit soap opera) and has gradually gained momentum over the last couple of years. (via @madeinseoyi)


Twinning requires some serious planning, unless you and your bae have managed to master telepathy over the course of your relationship. To make sure they’re stepping out in perfectly paralleled style, couples coordinate looks via calls or text and shop together to fill their wardrobes with coordinating duds. (via @_20120520)


BFF twinning is more about just having fun and being silly, and we’ve seen it in Paris, London and New York (exhibit A: these sweet leather jackets) time and time again. What’s not to love about showing off your united sartorial power? (via @madeinseoyi)

What do you think of this funky fashion trend? Would you dress like your sig other? Tell us in the comments!