Sending out an engagement announcement is usually a super exciting time for couples. Whether it鈥檚 on top of a sky-high railroad bridge, in the middle of a forest or casually strolling along a beach, the photo that accompanies the big news is usually a picture-perfect snapshot that embodies the couple鈥檚 dream romance. But one newly engaged duo decided to take a VERY different approach.


Over on the photo-sharing site Imgur, a user who goes by the name of icanseeyou201 (kind of a creepy user name, dude) posted a few pictures of his friends鈥 engagement pics alongside the caption, 鈥淢y friends just got engaged; the photos are magical.鈥 And magical they are. In the series shot by Vic Vergara, the couple is looking like a page straight out of Awkward Family Photos.


Dressed in 鈥80s duds, the duo is respectively rocking a very impressive mustache, giant glasses, greasy hair and some seriously amazing facial expressions.


This is what true love looks like, folks.

awkward engagement 6

We鈥檙e ALL about this hilarious take on the announcement, but they knew that their parents might not be as excited to get one of these photos in the mail. So for the sake of good old mom and dad, they also took one normal photo.


Here鈥檚 hoping these photos are just a teaser for the magical awkwardness that will be their wedding.

Would you ever take awkward photos to announce your engagement? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via icanseeyou201/Vic Vergara)