Quick, what’s your favorite color? Did you know that every color has a certain mood and psychological effect? For example, red literally makes our hearts beat faster while the color blue triggers a calm mood. There are even certain colors that make us lose our appetite. If you’re trying to create a certain atmosphere in your home, check out some of the moods each color can convey before you go buy that gallon of paint. Whether you want to add energy to a dreary kitchen or channel more creativity into your workspace, check out this guide to help you pick the color that suits you best.

1. For Energy, Think Yellow: Hello, sunshine. Yellow is the epitome of cheery energy and positivity. It’s an extreme attention grabber, so put it someplace you want to make a statement — say the entryway or front door perhaps? (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2. Warm and Inviting Orange: A shade of yellow-orange is warm and nurturing, making it ideal for gathering areas like the kitchen and dining room. Go bold with a coat of paint or stick to colorful accents of orange glassware and orange chairs. (via Fat Cat Brussels)

3. Green for Growth: Yellow-green is a great color choice when decorating a playroom or nursery since it’s very gender neutral. Combine it with turquoise for a bold, masculine feel or pair it up with pale pink and orchid for a more girly color scheme. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

4. Calming Green: There is a reason spas and doctors’ offices use shades of green in their decor: green is a relaxing and natural color that brings a sense of calm. Use green accents to rejuvenate yourself and promote physical and emotional well-being. (via Mix and Chic)

5. Productive Teal: If you think blue is too cool, try a shade of blue-green for a serene and restful environment. On the other hand, studies have shown that blues and teals are excellent for helping you stay focused, making it an obvious choice for the office. (via PB Teen)

6. Deeply Comforting Blue: When you look at the color blue, your body actually produces chemicals that calm the nervous system. Blue purifies your thinking and helps you become more mindful of what is important in life. Since it’s the color of water and sky, blue is a popular choice for any room in the house, but works especially well in the bedroom and bathroom where you want to create a zen-like atmosphere. (via Commune Design)

7. Enjoy Your Reign of Purple: Historically, purple is associated with royalty and is known to be a highly creative color. Purple is also known for stimulating the brain activity used in problem solving. Get the royal mood by pairing purple pieces with metallics and dark tones to keep it from going overly feminine. (via The Glitter Guide)

8. Get More Energy With Red: Red is often associated with movement, speed and excitement. Studies have shown that just looking at the color red can increase your heart rate, so be careful where you splash that red paint. Used in the right amounts, red can inspire romance and increase the appetite. Is anybody else thinking kitchen makeover? (via One Kings Lane)

9. Highly Creative Shades: Red-orange is the epitome of intensity, making it an excellent choice for spaces that are meant to encourage creativity, activity or playfulness. You can tone down the intensity by pairing it with white for a seriously stylish color palette. (via Charming in Charlotte)

10. Fun-Loving Orange: Of all the colors, orange is the most fun, and it is the color of laughter and celebration. Generally, people who use orange in their interiors are seen as warm, confident, carefree and ambitious. For a space that is unapologetically happy, add a bright accent here and there to reduce self-consciousness and embrace your younger, wilder side. (via Domino)

11. Fresh and Clean White: When it’s not used as a default color, white capitalizes on a home’s natural light and brings a certain air of purity and serenity. While all-white interiors can feel a bit sterile, when used with consideration, white can really show off all your home’s best features. (via Decor8)

12. Elegant Black: Black is probably the last color you’d think of putting on your walls for fear of cave-home syndrome. But if you’re looking to add a little drama, maybe it’s worth considering this darkly elegant color. (via Dwell)

13. Pink, the Perky Optimist: Incorporate a little romance into your space with a shade of pink. Paired with the right colors, pink can even work in a gender-neutral space and is a great way to add a feminine touch to hues such as navy blue and black. (via Lonny)

14. Warm and Comforting Brown: Depending on the color palette you choose, brown can be organic and earthy, rich and classic or clean and modern. For a sophisticated look, pair brown with gray and metallic finishes, or if you want something more bold, accessorize with bright colors like blue and orange. Either way, you’re bound to have a cozy room. (via My Domaine)

15. Sophisticated Gray: Gray has been having a major moment in the decorating world. Timeless and elegant, it is the perfect backdrop for some seriously fun pops of color like hot pink or yellow. (via The Kitchn)

What is your favorite color to use in your home? Are you in the mood for romantic red or creative purple? Talk to us in the comments below!