Every Body celebrates inclusivity and the representation of human beings in every shape and form.

The term ‘body positive’ has been a popular one for a while. While the internet is full of Instagrammers and bloggers sharing their journeys, Los Angeles-based writers and friends April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn decided to take a different avenue to talk about their body-love journey by creating the delightfully joyful podcast She’s All Fat.

While there were some other great podcasts that discussed body image and fat activism including Bad Fat Broads and Food Psych with Christy Harrison, both Quioh and Carter-Kahn felt they wanted to create a space for fat women and femmes to share their own stories in a fun, entertaining space where fat folks’ stories could be heard without judgement.

“Once we realized that we were both invested in creating a space to share our unique perspectives and we both LOVED podcasts, it was a no-brainer,” Quioh explains in an email interview with Brit + Co.

Since the podcast launched just under a year ago, there been 22 episodes. Quioh explains that she and Carter-Kahn brainstormed the first 100 episode ideas together so that they would constantly have somewhere to pull from. The episodes deal with everything from traveling home for the holidays to accessibility issues.

“A lot of things just come up in our day-to-day lives, and we end up building whole episodes around them,” says Carter-Kahn.

This approach to episodes has gained them a loyal fanbase who have called She’s All Fat an intersectional answer for women and femmes looking to learn about the fat experience in a way that’s open, real, inviting, and accepting.

Although conversations keep coming up in the media on fat activism and body positivity, both Quioh and Carter-Kahn feel as if the true meaning and roots of being fat-positive have become diluted.

“We get emails showing us proof positive in our inbox every day that having this conversation is still radical and new for a lot of people,” explains Carter-Kahn and continues “until we break down the barriers that keep some bodies marginalized, we need to keep talking, and loudly.”

With so many different types of bodies and so many different types of fat experiences, Quioh and Carter-Kahn hope that She’s All Fat can help to shed a light on a diverse variety of stories, one 60-minute episode at a time.

“We would love to expand the different kinds of storytelling we have on the podcast,” Carter-Kahn shares. “I’m interested in doing more reported segments, for example. To me, storytelling is the best way to communicate emotional and concise argumentation in an understandable format, in addition to being an appealing and resonant experience.”

As the pair continue to blow up with their first live taping at Flyover Fest on April 28th, they have big hopes for the future — including potentially touring across North America or creating a book. But in the near future, the pair hope to expand their production team and find new ways to make their Patreon members excited to be supporting them.

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