While it’s definitely more labor intensive, shopping in the sale section certainly has its perks (AKA a fatter wallet). Getting more for your buck always feel good but nothing is worse than that moment when you find a garment you love for 50% off… only to then realize there are none left in your size. Lucky for you, Shoptagr is about to make sure that fashion catastrophe never happens again.


The up-and-coming sale tracking website allows you to select items you’d like to keep an eye on from 300 of the world’s largest shopping retail website. ASOS, Amazon, Nasty Gal and Shopbop are just a few of the shops available.

Start by adding the Shoptagr button to your browser of choice. Then shop around any of the supported stores just as you normally would. When you see something you like but aren’t ready to buy just yet, go to the product page and click the Shoptagr button.


You’ll then be prompted to select your size, any color preference and decide whether you’d like to be notified about any price change or only when it’s 25% or 50% off. When something meets your criteria the site will shoot you an email and push a notification alerting you of the change. Easy as that.


Sayonara, messy sale section. We could say we’d miss you but that would just be a lie.

(Images via The Budget Fashionista)