Who hasn’t suffered the crushing disappointment of ordering super cute new clothes online for a super great price, only to receive them and find they don’t fit/don’t flatter your body type? Come on now, raise your hands. We’ve been there, and Sizeable, an Australian e-commerce site, has too. And now they’re out to rectify the situation.

We love that companies are wising up to such amazing diversity and recognizing that beauty comes in all sizes. On their website, Sizeable says, “Some of us are short and some are tall. Some women have big boobs and some have almost none. Some are giving Beyoncé a run for her money with their killer curves and some may feel self conscious about their flat bum. So if we’re all so different then how are we expected to be able to find clothes that not only fit right but suit our body shape?” Amen.

But really, come on. Whoever decided it was a good idea for models to try to emulate the look of clothes on a hanger? Who wants that? Sizeable gets it. Now, rather than trying to predict what your new fave dress will look on you rather than the size-00 model, you can e-shop with your choice of six real-life models. Pick which one most closely matches your body type. You can even check her against both your actual measurements and clothing sizes, then see her wear each product on the site. Sizeable knows most of us don’t match standard fit models, and even women who wear the same size will fill out a piece differently, especially in an industry with no standard sizing system. Problem solved!

Sizeable carries tops, bottoms and dresses in a variety of prints and — best part — they deliver to the U.S.! Head over here to start shopping with confidence!

What are your thoughts on the Internet wising up to size diversity? Will we soon see multi-size models on bigger sites like H&M or Anthropologie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

(h/t InStyle)